FIFA 22 – How to Always Get HOME Match in FUT Champs and Qualifiers

In this guide we will be discussing about how you can easily get Home matches in FUT Champions.

FIFA 22 – How to Always Get HOME Match in FUT Champs and Qualifiers

FUT Champions this year is even more stressful than before. The reason being you need to qualify for it first. The qualification for FUT Champs is extremely difficult for majority of the people. There are several reasons for this :

  • It could be that the player gets matched with extremely good players (Division 1 and Elite) and they lose the games bringing down their chances of qualification to the finals.
  • Could be that the player is just not good enough
  • The most common and annoying reason would be the servers and gameplay delay

Now the majority of the people out there instead of helping out each other would just be toxic and say “Get Good” which demoralizes the other player even more. The problem is that we cannot get good all of a sudden. It takes years and years of practice to actually understand the gameplay mechanics. Even the pro players would just exploit the game mistakes to score more goals. So the term “Get Good” does not make sense and is just a way of expressing toxic behavior.

However, most of the users reading this article would agree that when they play their games late at night or very early in the morning they tend to do a lot better than when they play during the evening. Why is this so? Simply because the servers are less crowded. The gameplay feels smooth and fast and every little touch you make registers with perfect timing giving you exactly the movement and precision you need to score and defend you need. Again, not all of us would be able to play late at night since people have to get to work in the morning. They need to get up early and hence sleep early as well.  So what can we do about it?

How Home Matches help you :

Apart from the “Get Good” factor, the only other thing which might be holding us back is good gameplay. Let’s be honest, after years of playing Ultimate Team, I can assure you that if you play against someone who has silk-like smooth gameplay and you are driving trucks around the pitch, there is no way you can beat him in the game unless EA wants you to win. But that win would still feel like a loss since we had just got lucky in that game.

I have noticed one thing over the years whenever I played Home in FUT Champs or Rivals my gameplay would be a lot smoother compared to my Away games. Why is this so? Simply because you are the host of that game. The concept for home matches in Ultimate team is based on who is joining whose lobby for the game. If you join my lobby for a game then I would get Home and it’s the other way around. Since you are hosting the game you would still have better gameplay compared to away games.

Note: Home games do not ensure you have better gameplay than your opponent. It only ensures that you alone would have smoother gameplay compared to your away games. So if you stay away from the server we can say that your game might be a little less laggy compared to the very laggy gameplay you might have when you go on an Away game. 

How to Always get Home Matches in FUT Champs :

With that being said, let me tell you how you can easily get Home matches every time in FUT Champs.

  • Search for a match
  • If you get a match instantly without even waiting for 1 sec, it means you are joining someone else lobby. The lobby was already created and you are joining it. This would be your Away game
  • If it takes a while to get a match. 3-5 seconds or more then it would mean that you have created the lobby and someone else joined it. This would be your Home match
  • Cancel the match when you instantly get connected to your opponent. Only play matches where it takes at least 3 to 5 seconds or more for you to get connected to your opponent.
  • All FUT Champs games are played in FUT Stadium so paint your pitch lines or decorate your stadium in a way that might indicate that it is a Home game for you.

Note: This method only works in FUT Champs since this game mode has most players active and playing at a given time. It hardly works in Division Rivals since these days it takes a very long time to get connected for a Rivals game. Especially in higher divisions. So the point is that if fewer players are playing the mode then this trick would not work most of the time.

Try it out for yourself and see how easily you can get Home games with a better connection. I just wished EA had actually fixed the servers or increased them so that most players would have proper gameplay. Then we would not have to resort to these cheap tricks to ensure better gameplay.

I hope this guide was helpful. Do let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. I noticed this last night tbh everytime I was at home I won and managed my personal best of 15 wins which quite frankly shocked me to say I’m Currently really poorly unless I just played well to put my mind off my illness lol

  2. Brilliant what you are going to do is make it unbareable with everyone leaving lobbies thanks for adding to a somewhat toxic environment.

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