FIFA 22 – How to complete First Goal Cup Objectives Easily

This guide will help you complete the First Goal Cup objectives easily.

FIFA 22 – How to complete First Goal Cup Objectives Easily

The Ligue 1 TOTS is finally here and we have the new First Cup objectives. Like the Premier League and the Bundesliga Cup, this too would be a win-based objective.

The more wins you get the more rewards you get. Once you get all the wins listed in the objectives you are eligible for the grand reward.

The pack that you would get from the objectives would actually be very useful if you are saving packs for the Ligue 1 TOTS. A bunch of player packs in exchange for a bit of grind is absolutely fine.

I would recommend everyone complete the objectives and get as many wins as they can for the rewards. If you get lucky you could pack a special card or two. Another reason why you need to do this objective is for the TOTS Swap Token: Zheng Kaimu that you get with it.

How to Enter First Goal Cup Friendly Mode :

The First Goal Cup like every other win-based friendly objective has its own mode. This is what you need to do to enter the First Goal Cup Friendly mode.

  • You cannot use more than 1 loan player in the squad.
  • The entire squad should be Ligue 1 players. This includes your sub bench as well.

First Goal Cup Objectives Guide :

The First Goal Cup Unlike the other win-based objectives, comes with a twist. This one literally works on a first-goal win rule. Which is basically Golden Goal rule. The objectives will be there for 13 days and you would get 5 games every day.

So you would be getting 13×5 which is 65 matches in total. Out of which you would have to win 21. You have a lot of matches to spare but again you could get unlucky and just lose when you concede.

I would not say that this mode is where the better player would always win but you could certainly make a few changes in order to tilt the momentum in your way. You could actually try constant pressure tactics if you are good at pressure-defending.

Or else you could just sit back on 1 depth and wait for the other guy to run his constant press and then hit him on the counter. I would not follow this because I feel it is avery cowardly way to play the game but you need a win and the mode is such that you would get a lot of toxicity from players.

For me, Friendlies should be fun and not stressful like this one.

Here are the rewards that you are supposed to get. Remember, all rewards are supposed to be untradeable :

  • Wins 1-2: Two Rare 80+ EFIGS Pack
  • Wins 3: Two 75+ Ligue 1 Rare Players Pack + TOTS Swaps 2 Token : Zheng Kaimu
  • Wins 4- 7: Two 75+ Ligue 1 Rare Players Pack x 4
  • Wins 9: Ten 75+ Ligue 1 Rare Players Pack
  • Wins 11: Premium Gold Players Pack
  • Wins 13-15: Mega Pack x 2
  • Wins 17: Ten 75+ Ligue 1 Rare Players Pack
  • Wins 19: Prime Gold Players Pack
  • Wins 21: Prime Gold Players Pack

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, keep following FPS Index for more FIFA 22 related content. and guide.

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