FIFA 22 – How to Complete Luis Milla La Liga League Player Quickly | FUT Milestones

This is a guide that will help you complete the new gameplay objective FUT Milestones La Liga League Player card, Luis Milla.

FIFA 22 – How to Complete Luis Milla La Liga League Player Quickly | FUT Milestones 

We have the new La Liga League Player Luis Milla who looks promising for a CDM. In order to do the objectives for this card you need to get access to the FUT Friendly Mode: Managerial Masterpiece. 

We have a detailed guide on how you can enter Managerial Masterpiece. Just click here to check it out

How to complete Luis Milla Objectives :

Let’s quickly discuss how we can easily complete the objectives for Luis Milla. However, he would be a Milestone card, and hence you may take it easy and complete the objectives slowly. There is no rush at all. Here is what you need to do :

  • LaLiga Leader: You have to  Win 10 matches having an entire LaLiga Starting lineup. Bench does not count here. You can easily have a good player on the bench and sub him in minute 1
  • Scoring Machine: Score a total of 30 goals with LaLiga players only. It does not matter how many matches it takes nor does win. Just score the goals.
  • Distribution King: Assist a total of 20 goals using only LaLiga players. Same as the above just that you have to assist.
  • Precision Ball: Assist by using a through-ball using only LaLiga players in 5 separate games. Even if you get more than 1 through-ball to assist in the game, it would only count as 1. But it would add to your total assists for Distribution King
  • Long Distance Mileage: Score a goal from outside the penalty box using LaLiga players only in 8 separate games. Players with good long shooting would work well here.

How to Setup Squad for Luis Milla Objectives :

Your team matters a lot when it comes to this objective. Remember that there are restrictions as to how many high overall players you can use. This is the team I would be using for completing the objectives :

You can get an idea of how to build your team by looking at this squad. If you have an inform Vinicius Junior then try to squeeze him in by sacrificing a few 80+ cards in your squad.

I hope this guide was helpful. Do let us know in the comment section down below.

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