FIFA 22 – How to Complete Luis Milla La Liga League Player Quickly | FUT Milestones

This is a guide that will help you complete the new gameplay objective FUT Milestones La Liga League Player card Luis Milla

FIFA 22 – How to Complete Luis Milla La Liga League Player Quickly | FUT Milestones 

We have the new La Liga League Player Luis Milla who looks promising for a CDM . In order to do the objectives for this card you need get access to the FUT Friendly Mode : Managerial Masterpiece. 

We have a detailed guide on how you can enter Managerial Masterpiece . Just click here to check it out

How to complete Luis Milla Objectives :

Lets quickly discuss how we can easily complete the objectives for Luis Milla. However , he would be a Milestone card and hence you may take it easy and complete the objectives slowly. There is no rush at all. Here is what you need to do :

  • LaLiga Leader : You have to  Win 10 matches having an entire LaLiga Starting lineup. Bench does not count here. You can easily have good player on bench and sub him on minute 1
  • Scoring Machine : Score a total of 30 goals with LaLiga players only. It does not matter how many matches it takes nor does wins. Just score the goals.
  • Distribution King : Assist a total of 20 goals using only LaLiga players . Same as the above just that you have to assist.
  • Precision Ball : Assist by using a through ball using only LaLiga players in 5 separate games. Even if you get more than 1 through ball assist in the game you it would only count as 1 . But it would add to your total assist for Distribution King
  • Long Distance Mileage : Score a goal from outside the penalty box using LaLiga players only in 8 separate games. Players with good long shooting would work well here.

How to Setup Squad for Luis Milla Objectives :

Your team matter a lot  when it comes to this objective. Remember that there are restrictions as to how many high overall players you can use. This is the team I would be using for completing the objectives :

You can get an idea on how to build your team by lookin at this squad . If you have an inform Vinicius Junior then try to squeeze him in by sacrificing a few 80+ cards in your squad.

I hope this guide was helpful. Do let us know in the comment section down below.

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