FIFA 22 – Captain Fantastic Objectives | How to Change Camera Angle

This guide will help you complete the new Captain Fantastic Objectives quickly.

FIFA 22 – Captain Fantastic Objectives | How to Change Camera Angle

It is really good to see EA trying to spice things up with the different types of objectives. The rewards for this one would be player picks and we know how good these can turn out to be.

I would choose player picks over packs any day since you could actually choose a player of your liking from the list. It also gives you a very good chance of picking a higher overall player.

Honestly, FIFA was getting a little boring at this point. The only good thing about it was the promos. Apart from that, I really wanted to do something different and I do not mean grinding in squad battles. Well, it seems like EA knows just how to keep their customers in the game.

How to Enter Captain Fantastic FUT Friendly Mode :

EA has dropped a new Objectives mode called Captain Fantastic where you would have to complete a set of gameplay objectives by following certain rules. Firstly you would have to gain access to Captain Fantastic Friendly mode and for that, you would have to follow these requirements :

  • You cannot use more than 1 Loan player in the squad.
  • The most interesting thing about this mode is that all games would be played with the Pro Camera Setting. This means that you would not be playing on a regular camera. It would basically be an angle where you would be seeing the back of the player you are controlling. Actually, the concept is to replicate the captain’s perspective toward the game.

A pretty interesting approach to the Friendly mode and I am sure a lot of you would be having problems playing with the Pro Camera angle. If you have played the “Be a Pro” mode of earlier FIFAs, you would know how to cope with this.

How to Complete the Captain Fantastic Objectives : 

Once you enter the Friendly Mode it’s pretty easy to complete the objectives. EA did not go for difficult ones since they know it would be harsh with the changed camera setting.

Suit Up: You would have to score 10 goals in Squad Battles on minimum Professional difficulty or in Division Rivals to get the FUT Heroes Club Kit

Remember: Now that you have the FUT Heroes Kit you need to equip it and do the rest of the objectives wearing that kit in-game. To equip go to Club> Stadium> Club and change the Home Kit to FUT Heroes. 

Crossing Class: Assist 5 goals in total from Crosses only. The best way to do this is by having a 2 striker formation. When you go 1 v1 with the keeper cross to the second striker for an easy finish.

Super Scorer: Score a total of 20 goals.

Captain Consistency: Score a goal in 8 separate matches. One goal per game at least. Win or loss does not matter here.

How to Change Camera Angle :

Now I know how difficult it might get to score from crosses when you are playing with the Pro Camera setting. The game feels weird as the camera just keeps switching fast and it makes me go dizzy a bit.

But there is a way in which you can actually change the camera in the game and it is not through regular settings. It is sort of a Glitch but this is what you need to do :

  • If you are on PlayStation force the ball out of Play and then pause the game. Come back in a second or two and you could actually see that the camera angle has changed to your regular one. This is not a permanent one as it will switch back to the Pro Camera once the ball goes out of play again. You need to keep doing this step. You have 3 attempts to score since you have 3 pauses.
  • If you are on Xbox you need to pause the game and then message your opponent. It could be anything and then wait at the message screen for the entire pause time until you see the countdown from 3. Go back into the game and you will be having the regular camera. Make the best use of it as this too is not a permanent glitch. You have to do this every time you or your opponent scores.

Honestly, I love this pretty unique approach to Objectives gameplay. And I love the fact that EA isn’t just giving us two players pack or the 75+ player pack either. Overall, this is definitely a good move from EA.

I hope this guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below. And also follow FPS Index for more FIFA 22 related content

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