FIFA 22 – How to do Classic Cup Objectives Easily

This guide will help you complete the Classic Cup Objectives easily.

FIFA 22 – How to do Classic Cup Objectives Easily

The new FUT Fantasy promo is finally here and we also have new objectives as well. EA has again introduced another set of win-based objectives for a Jumbo Rare Players Pack. 

Honestly, I feel that a pack like this during the promo would be so good. This pack guarantees a player who is 84+ overall and the chances of packing a promo card are quite good. I would recommend everyone complete these objectives.

Along with that, you get more packs as you progress further with the objectives. This increases your chances of packing a nice player.

How to Enter Classic Cup FUT Friendly Mode :

The new Classic Cup objectives could only be done with the right squad. You have gained access to the FUT Friendly Mode: Classic Cup. In order to do that we would have to follow these rules for building the squad.

  • You cannot use any Loan player in the squad.
  • You have to use at least Gold players in the squad. This involves starting 11 and the sub-bench.
  • Your starting 11 and sub bench should only include Rare Gold players and TOTW players. You cannot use FUT Champs TOTW Red Player Picks. So basically you need to have 18 players who are Rare Gold or TOTW in the squad.

Here is a sample squad that you can use for the friendly mode. As you can see that I have only used Rare Gold and TOTW players in the squad.

Classic Cup Rules :

Every user will have 3 tries per day. That means you get to play 3 matches per day with each half being 3 minutes. So the total match type here would be 6 minutes.

When I say 3-minute half I meant 3 minutes in real life which is equivalent to 45 minutes of in-game time. So each match would probably be taking 7-8 minutes of real time when we count the into and pauses and everything. Extra time would obviously take longer as a winner is required.

You get a total of 14 days. This gives you a total of 14×3 = 42 matches. As far as the objectives go :

You have to win a total of 14 matches.

Each match you win will give you 50 XP and a Pack that you can open.

Here are the Rewards :

1- 4 wins: For each win, you get Jumbo Premium Gold Pack (Untradeable) + 50 XP

5-8 wins: For each win Prime Electrum Players Pack (Untradeable) + 50 XP

9-11 wins: For each win Premium Gold Players Pack (Untradeable) + 50 XP

12-14 wins: For each win Mega Pack (Untradeable) + 50 XP

So you would basically have to win 14 matches out of the 42 games that you get across 14 days. The rewards are great too so you must try to complete these objectives soon.

There is nothing more to it. You can obviously use the sample squad that I have posted. Or you can make changes as you feel necessary.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, follow FPS Index for more FIFA 22 related content.

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