FIFA 22 – How to do EOAE Cesc Fabregas Objectives Quickly

This guide will help you complete the new End of an Era objective card Cesc Fabregas easily .

FIFA 22 – How to do EOAE Cesc Fabregas Objectives Quickly

The wait is finally over and we finally have the Ultimate TOTS. I can’t wait to open the packs that I had been saving so far. I really hope that I get lucky and I pack one.

For those who are new Ultimate TOTS basically consists of all the best TOTS Cards which are fan favorites and put them in a single team available in packs from today. So if you see a TOTS walkout while opening a pack know that it is a win for sure.

Other than that EA has also given us End of an Era Objectives and SBCs. We have EOAE Juan Mata from Manchester United and we have EOAE Cesc Fabregas from AS Monaco.

To be honest, Fabregas had always been one of my favorite players back when he used to play for Arsenal. The dude knows how to pass a ball. One of the best Center Mids back then and will always be one of my all-time favorites.

However, the fact that he has got only 3-star skills makes me wonder what was EA thinking. There are clearly players who do not deserve to have 4-star skills and yet they do but Fabregas gets a 3-star. Anyways we cannot complain much as it’s free.

End Of An Era Cesc Fabregas Objectives Guide :

Unlike Juan Mata, this one does not have a dedicated Friendly mode for it. Let’s discuss how we could easily complete the objectives for this card.

Long Shot: You have to score 4 goals from outside the box using Midfielders. A Finesse shot is what you should be looking for. Timing them green is the key and try not to take them from the edge of the box. A little further out gives time for the ball to curl in. You could also try a regular far post shot with 3 bars or 3 and a half bars of power from the edge of the box. A chipshot form outside the box could also work.

Midfielders include CDM, CM, CAM, LM, and RM. You can use position modifiers to change CFs to CAM and play them. The position on the card would matter not the real life position of the player you are using.

This could be done in Squad Battles on at least professional difficulty or higher. Or you can do it in Division Rivals.

Maverick in Monaco: You have to get 4 assists with Ligue 1 players having 4-star weak foot or higher. You can do it in Squad Battles on World Class difficulty or higher or in Rivals.

A Great Gunner: You have to score using Premier League players in 5 separate Squad Battle matches on minimum Professional difficulty or in Rivals.

Spanish Success: You have to win 8 matches with full Spanish starting 11 in Squad Battles on minimum professional difficulty or in Rivals.

Tip :

  • Play all the matches in Squad Battles as they are easier than Division Rivals.
  • Play all Squad Battle matches on World Class difficulty until you complete the Maverick in Monaco objective.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, keep following FPS Index for more content related to FIFA 22 in the future.

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