FIFA 22 – How to do European Euphoria in Past Glories FUT Friendly

Wondering how you would complete the European Euphoria ? You have come to the right place.

FIFA 22 – How to do European Euphoria in Past Glories FUT Friendly

England, Spain and Germany have delivered the best clubs in the world. The last 10 UCLs were won by clubs from these three great footballing nations. This is basically the theme of the new objective. The European Euphoria is a very tricky objective to complete. You only have 14 tries and you have to win 4. Once completed you get a Mega pack which could really give you a nice player when you open it. In order to get this objective done you have to enter the new Past Glories FUT Friendly.

How to Enter Past Glories FUT Friendly :

Well in order to complete the European Euphoria you have to play matches under FUT Friendly- Past Glories.  These are the requirements for entering this friendly mode :

  • You can have player from a maximum of 3 countries. Not more than that could be less. This includes your bench .
  • You can have only 1 loan player in your squad. This also includes your bench.

How to complete European Euphoria Objectives :

Well, European Euphoria requires you to build a squad with players from these 3 nations :

  • England
  • Germany
  • Spain

This means all the players from your starting 11 and bench should be from England , Germany or Spain. Then you have to win 4 matches with that team. Each win would give you individual rewards and winning 4 would give you a Mega Pack

Note :
  • If you build a squad with countries other than England, Spain and Germany. Your win will not count.
  • If you have a full English, German or Spanish squad and if you have a player from any other country in your bench, your win would not count
  • Remember , a squad refers to the entire team including the bench.

The best way to do objectives is to understand the logic behind it. I hope the guide was useful. Do let us know in the comment section below.

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