FIFA 22 – How to do Felipe Anderson Objectives in Headliners Challenge Quickly | Best Squad

This guide will help you complete the new Headliners Felipe Anderson Objectives quickly in the FUT Friendly  Mode: Headliners Challenge.

FIFA 22 – How to do Felipe Anderson Objectives in Headliners Challenge Quickly | Best Squad

It is 6 pm on a Friday UK time and we have the new Headliners promo. The Winter Wildcards was perhaps the best promo so far. However, we do have some really nice cards here as well. Like every other time, EA has dropped its free promo objective card and it is yet again another Brazilian Felipe Anderson. The card looks decent enough considering all you need to do is grind a bot for it. Anyways we are here to discuss the best possible way to complete the objectives quickly.

Firstly, we need to know that all the matches for this Objective card need to be played in the new FUT Friendly Mode: Headliners Challenge

How to enter Headliners Challenge :

Let’s quickly check out the requirements to enter this friendly mode :

  • You need to have players from 7 or more leagues in your Starting 11. Bench does not count here.
  • You can only use 1 loan card if you are using any.

The rule for this mode is Max Chemistry. So do not worry about the links or position. Just arrange a squad with 7 different leagues

This is the squad I would be using for the Felipe Anderson objectives. Feel free to copy this squad or use players in your squad to make something similar to this. I have used 7 different leagues : The Ligue 1, Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, Eredivisie, La Liga, and Liga Portugal.

How to easily complete the Felipe Anderson Objectives :

Well, the objectives do not look tough at all. Having a good team could really give you an advantage. Let’s quickly check them out :

  • Ranged Rocket: You have to score a goal from outside the box in a win. Yes, the win matters in this one.
  • Weak Foot Wonder: You need to get 5 assists using through balls only with players who have 4-star weak feet. For my team, I have Benzema, Mbappe, Messi, and Insigne who have the 4-star weak foot. You do not have to pass with a weaker foot. You can do it through a ball with any foot. Just that the player needs to have the 4-star weak foot.
  • Headline Streak: You need to win 4 matches in total.
  • Fine Finishing: Score a goal with a finesse shot in 10 separate matches. So you need to get 1 finesse per game. Win or loss does not count. Since finesse shots are weak now you may want to use a two-striker formation. Try to get past the last defender. When you are 1 v 1 pass it to the second striker who can finesse it in an empty net.

There you go, the easiest way to complete the Headliners Felipe Anderson quickly. I hope the guide was helpful. Do let us know in the comments down below.

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