FIFA 22 – How to do FUT Birthday Rush Objectives quickly for Swap Token

This guide will help you complete the FUT Birthday Rush Objectives for the Swap Token: Serpezis.

FIFA 22 – How to do FUT Birthday Rush Objectives quickly for Swap Token

The FUT Birthday promo is finally here and this is the 13th anniversary of FUT. The promo is pretty exciting as players normally get a five-star weak foot or a skill move upgrade. Along with FUT Birthday Tammy Abraham, we also have the Objectives for FUT Birthday Rush which gives us an Untradeable Mega Pack as the Reward.

Not only the Mega Pack we also would get a FUT Birthday Swap: Token if we complete one of the objectives. I would say the way Team for FUT Birthday looks, a Mega pack could turn out to be good if we are lucky enough.

How to Enter FUT Birthday Mode :

The difficulty of the objectives does not seem to be much. You can actually complete this along with the Tammy Abraham objectives as both of them needs to be played under the FUT Friendly Mode: FUT Birthday 

  • You need to have players from at least 4 or more Leagues. Bench not included
  • Players belonging from a minimum of 1 or more countries. Bench not included.
  • Loan players cannot be more than 1 in the squad (optional)

Well, these are the squad requirements for entering the FUT Birthday Friendly Mode.

The Objectives :

Like I said before, the objectives do not really look so difficult. Let’s quickly take a look :

Forward Motion: You need to score with a Striker (ST) in a win. Use a position modifier on a CF to make him ST if you are going to use a CF in-game. You can also use a two-striker formation instead of one to get 2 strikers playing up front.

Balanced Provider: You need to get 5 Assists by only through balls with players having a 4-star weak foot minimum. So make sure the Strikers and the Wingers all have 4-star weak feet. Even the CAMs should have a 4-star weak foot. This should increase your chances of getting an assist with one.

Dozens: You have to score a total of 12 goals. Completing this objective would give you the FUT Birthday Swap Token Serpezis

Swing it in : You need to get 6 Assists from crosses in 6 separate games. Minimum 1 cross-assist per game for 6 games. Win or loss does not count here. Use 2 striker formation and when you go 1 v1 with the keeper, cross to the second striker and score the goal.

If you are looking for a Squad you can use which would help you complete both the FUT Birthday Rush and the FUT Birthday Tammy Abraham objectives quickly then try this out :

I hope this guide was helpful. Do let us know in the comments section down below. Also, keep an eye on FPSIndex for more FIFA 22 related content and guides.

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  1. I need a video to show how to do the swing in it because i followed the instructions but i still can’t do it i need help only 20 hour’s remaining and it will ends, thanks

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