FIFA 22 – How to do FUT Birthday Tammy Abraham Objectives quickly for Swap Token

This guide will help you complete the objectives for FUT Birthday Tammy Abraham quickly under the FUT Birthday Friendly Mode. Not only that you would also get a FUT Birthday Swap Token Sijaric if you complete one of the objectives.

FIFA 22 – How to do FUT Birthday Tammy Abraham Objectives quickly

The FUT Birthday promo is finally here and this is the 13th anniversary for FUT. The promo is pretty exciting as players normally get a five star weak foot or a skill move upgrade. However it seems like Tammy Abraham from A.S. Roma got none.

The stats on this guy looks amazing to be honest. Do keep in mind that this guy is like 6’5″ tall. For a tall guy to be this fast in game could be pretty overpowered if you ask me. Howeverr his 3 stars skill move combined with the 3 star weak foot is huge let down on this card. At the end of the day he is a free card so we cannot complain much about it.

How to Enter the FUT Friendly Mode : FUT Birthday :

In order to get the objectives for Abraham done you need to enter the FUT Friendly Mode : FUT Birthday. Here is how the requirements for it looks like :

  • You should have players from at lest 4 or more Leagues in your Starting 11. Bench does not count here
  • Players from atleast 3 or more nations should be there in the squad
  • You cannot use more than one loan card in the squad (optional)

How to complete the Objectives :

Lets quickly take a look at the objectives and how you can complete them easily.

Birthday Winner : You have to Win a Total of 4 matches only.

Spread the Wealth : You have to Assist 8 goals with Serie A players only . This objectives actually gives you a FUT Birthday Swap Token : Sijaric as well .

Defense To Offense : You need to score using a forward is 5 separate matches. Forwards include CF, ST, LW, RW, LF and RF. So if you have RM and LM use position modifiers on them to make them RW and LW. Change CAMs to CFs . You will only lose 1 chem but you can get it back with a coach from the same nation or league as the player.

10 out of 10 : Score using English Players in 10 separate matches.

Here is what I feel a good enough squad for the objectives :

According to the objectives your squad should basically contain English and Serie A players along with players from other leagues as well. I know I will be able to score goals with Sterling if I play him as a striker. For people who are not sure you can use more English player to improve your chances. However there arn’t many English players in the Serie A. Feel free to copy the squad or make changes as you feel necessary.

I hope this guide was helpful. Do let us know in the comments section down below. Also keep an eye on FPSIndex for more FIFA 22 related content and guides.

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