FIFA 22 – How to do FUT Future Stars Chukwueze in La Liga Lights

This guide will  help you complete the objectives for the new FUT Milestones Objectives Future Stars: Chukwueze under the FUT Friendly Mode: LaLiga Lights.

FIFA 22 – How to do FUT Future Stars Chukwueze in La Liga Lights

Future Stars Team 2 looks great. Some amazing cards including the free objective-based ones: Guoiri and Chukwueze. Both the cards look great stats-wise. Chukwueze has got the pace and dribbling. Although his shooting is a bit low at this point in the game. But still, he is a free card worth the grind.

How to Enter LaLiga Lights :

In order to do the objectives you need to enter the FUT Friendly Mode: LaLiga Lights. Here are the requirements for it :

  • You need to have exactly 18 players from the LaLiga or the Spanish League. This means all the players in the starting squad (11) plus the sub bench (7) should be from LaLiga.
  • Only 1 Loan Player can be used if you want to.
  • The starting squad should have at least 5 or more First Owned players. First-owned players are the ones whom you pack. Check the number of owners under Player Details and it should show 1.

How to complete FUT Future Stars Chukwueze Objectives Easily :

Once you get access to LaLiga Lights you would have to try and complete the objectives as quickly and easily as possible. Let’s discuss the objectives now. The minimum number of matches you need to play would be 10.

  • Future Hope: Score a Finesse Goal using a Midfielder in 2 separate matches. Midfielders include CDM, CM, LM, RM, and CAM. It is not necessary that the player should be a midfielder by default. You can use a Position Modifier on a Striker and make him CAM or change Wingers to LM or RM. The position on the card actually counts.
  • New Generation: You need to assist a total of 4 goals with only Through Balls. The best way to do this would be to play a 2 striker formation and make a through pass to the 2nd striker when you go 1 v 1 with the keeper.
  • Future Success: Win a total of 4 matches
  • Chukwueze’s Cross: Score a goal in 10 separate games using only LaLiga players. Since you would be having a whole LaLiga squad this would actually be easier to complete.

There you go, the easiest and quickest way to complete the objectives for Future Stars: Chukwueze. If the guide was helpful please let us know in the comments section down below.

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