FIFA 22 – How to do Future Stars Fever Objectives Quickly for Swap Token

This guide will help you complete the Future Stars Fever Objectives quickly for the new Swaps Token.

FIFA 22 – How to do Future Stars Fever Objectives Quickly for Swap Token

We have new gameplay Objectives for the Future Stars promo. Apart from a Mega Pack, you would also be getting a Future Star Swap Token: Abdul Samad. I will help you complete the objectives as quickly and easily and easily as possible.

For those who are new to the Future Swaps Campaign, I would like to tell you that there would be swap tokens available through out the campaign which you can get through Objectives and SBCs. For more information on the campaign click here.

How to Complete the FUT Future Stars Fever Objectives Easily :

The Future Stars Fever objectives do not look complicated at all. The only thing is that you would have to use a Future Stars player in your squad to progress. Well, the best thing you could do here is using the free Chalobah card that you get from the Future Stars Academy Chalobah Objectives under FUT Milestones. Click here to check our detailed guide on how to complete the Future Stars Academy Objectives.  This means you would not have to buy a Future Stars player and you can complete both Objectives together.

  • Finessed That: You need to score 3 goals with Finesse Shots in 3 separate Squad Battle matches (min Professional difficulty) or Rivals while having a Future Stars player in the starting 11. Try to use a 2 striker formation. Since the finesse shot is now very tough to score you can actually take the easier route. Try to go 1 v 1 with the keeper and then pass the ball to the second striker. All you need to do now is a finesse shot in an empty goal.
  • Deliver 5: You need to get a total of 5 assists with a Future Stars player in Squad Battles (min. Semi Pro Difficulty) or Rivals. In this one, you would have to get an assist using the Future Stars player. Would work even if he comes on as a sub.
  • Forward Thinking: Score in 6 separate Squad Battles matches (min Professional difficulty) using Bundesliga players while also having a Future Stars player in your Starting 11.
  • Play 10: You need to play 10 matches in Squad Battles (min. Professional Difficulty) or Rivals while having a Future Stars player in your starting 11.

Like I said before the best thing to do would be to combine the Chalobah objectives along with this just to make life easier.I hope this guide was helpful. Do let us know in the comment section down below.

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