FIFA 22 – How to do Headliner Zakaria Objectives Quickly in FUT Headliners Challenge

This article will help you complete the objectives for Headliners Zakaria objectives quickly under the Headliners Challenge.

FIFA 22 – How to do Headliner Zakaria Objectives Quickly in FUT Headliners Challenge

We have team 2 for the Headliners promo in packs now and the free objective card for this team would be Zakaria. This guy had a pretty good rulebreaker card and now this one looks incredible as well.  As a CDM I think this card could be overpowered. He has the pace along with the defending and physicals and all we need to do is grind a little bit for this amazing card.

Like Felipe Anderson, all the games for this card should also be played in the Headliners Challenge. However, there are certain requirements for setting up your squad to gain access to Headliners Challenge.

  • You need to have players from 7 different leagues in your starting 11.
  • You can use only 1 loan player if you want to.
  • This is a Max chemistry mode so do not think about positioning or chemistry. Just put whoever you want in the squad and make sure they are from 7 different leagues at least.


Here is the squad I would be using for the objectives. The leagues I have would be – Ligue 1, La Liga, Premier League, Eredivisie, Liga Portugal, Bundesliga, and Serie A

Headliners Zakaria Objectives :

Here is how we can easily complete the objectives for Headliners Zakaria :

  • Central Scorer: You have scored with a CDM in a win. This means you have to score with a card whose positioning is CDM on the card itself and then also win the game. Playing the card in the CDM position in-game would not count. Similarly playing a real-life CDM with ST or CM positioning on the card would not work either. You can literally score with a CDM or a Striker whom you can change from ST to CDM with Position Modifiers and then score. That makes it a lot easier.
  • Classy Crossing: You need to score a total of 5 goals from assists with crosses. Use a 2 striker formation and then try to get past the last defender. When you go 1 v 1 with the keeper try o cross the ball to the other striker for an easy finish. This always works for me.
  • Winning Streak: Win 4 games in total.
  • Consistent Class: Score in 10 separate games. Win or loss does not matter. But you need to score at least 1 goal per game.

Well, there you go, the easiest way to complete the objectives for Zakaria Headliners. I hope the guide was helpful. Do let us know in the comments section down below.

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