FIFA 22 – How to do Icon Swaps 1 Batch 2 Objectives Quickly | Swaps Guide

This article will help you complete Batch 2 of Icon Swaps 1 quickly.

FIFA 22 – How to do Icon Swaps 1 Batch 2 Objectives Quickly | Swaps Guide

The 2nd Batch of Icon Swaps 1 is finally here and this is our chance to complete these objectives as quickly as possible and redeem the rewards with the tokens. The objectives look very similar to last time except for a few changes. So let’s get down to business and start discussing how we can complete all of these in the quickest way possible.

Let’s divide the objectives into two categories: Online and Offline. Online would include the friendly matches you need to play in the FUT Friendly Mode: One League, while offline would be the squad battle matches that we have to play in order to get the swap tokens.

Online Objectives :

In order to do the online objectives you need to enter the FUT Friendly Mode: One League. Here are the requirements for One League :

  • All players in your starting lineup including the bench should be players from one particular league.
  • You need to have 8 or more first-owned players from the same league in you starting 11. First owned would mean that you have packed the player. You can check this in the Player Bio. It should say 1 under the “Number of Owners” section.
  • If you want to use a loan card you can only use one of it.

Icon Swaps PL (Premier League EPL) :

  • Win 6 games with 8 or more first-owned Premier League players in your starting 11. Could be more than 8 but not less.
  • Score 6 goals with Finesse Shots in 6 matches with Premier League players only. The win does not count. To make it easier, use a two-striker formation, and when you are 1 v1 with the keeper pass it to the other striker and score a finesse in an empty net.
  • Assist a total of 10 goals in 10 matches. At least 1 assist per match for 10 separate matches. The win does not count here. Use players like Jesus and Werner or maybe Winter Wildcards Daka in 2 striker formations to easily assist in 1v1 situations.

Icon Swaps Bundesliga (German Bundesliga) :

  • Win 6 games with a Bundesliga squad out of which 8 of them should be first owned
  • Score 10 goals in 10 different matches with a minimum of 1 per match with Bundesliga players only.
  • Assist 5 goals with only through balls in 5 separate games with Bundesliga players only. You can try 2 person formation and do a through pass to the second striker when you are 1 v 1 with the keeper.

Icon Swaps Ligue 1 (French League) :

  • Win 6 games with a team of all Ligue 1 players. 8 of them should be first owned.
  • Score 10 goals in 10 separate matches with Ligue 1 players.
  • Assist 5 goals with a through ball in 5 separate matches.

Offline Objectives :

When we talk about squad battles it is basically the most boring game mode ever. I hate playing against the AI. However, for the sake of the swap tokens, we would have to somehow have to keep grinding even if we do not like it. But to make our lives easier we can be a little clever and reduce the efforts we have to put into the squad battles grind.

Remember that all matches for Icon Swaps in Squad Battles mode should be played in World Class Difficulty or higher

  • Silvers: You need to win 6 matches with a Silver starting squad.
  • EFL Championship:  Win 6 matches with EFL Championship Players in your starting 11.
  • Liga Portugal: Win 6 matches with Liga Portugal players in the starting 11
  • Azzurri: Win 6 matches with only Italian players in  the starting 11
  • One Club Wonders:  Win 6 matches with only first-owned players in the starting 11
  • FUT Champions: Win a total of 13 FUT champs matches.

Tips to complete Squad Battle games faster :

The best way to complete the squad battles quickly would be to combine the objectives together. This is how you can do it :

  • EFL Championship has a lot of silver players. The best thing to do here would be to play a Silver EFL Championship team. This would actually help you complete both objectives by playing only 6 games instead of 12.
  • Only the starting 11 require silver players. You can sub in good players after minute 1. Sub in 2 defenders and a striker.
  • If you had done the Squad Foundations objectives before then you can easily use those Liga Portugal players to make a team of first-owned Liga Portugal players. This lets you complete One Club Wonders along with Liga Portugal objectives in just 6 games.
  • You do not need to get 13 wins in one FUT champ’s finals. You can get it in more than 1 champs finals.
  • If you have a lot of silvers you can go for the ultimate First Owned Silver Italian squad. Or maybe the first owned silver EFL Squad. This helps you complete 3 objectives in only 6 matches instead of 18. Open lots of silver packs if you want.

If you want to know how to do the Squad Battle glitch to speed up things even more and reduce the effort even more then follow this guide right here.


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