FIFA 22 – How to do Junior Messias Objectives Quickly in Friendly Frost | FUT Winter Wildcard

This guide will help you do the objectives for Winter Wildcard Junior Messias quickly under the new FUT Friendly Mode: Friendly Frost.

FIFA 22 – How to do Junior Messias Objectives Quickly in Friendly Frost | FUT Winter Wildcard

The new Winter Wildcard promo is finally here and it seems to be the best promo yet. We have players with different position changes and several upgrades. The free objective card that we are getting this time would be Junior Messias from AC Millan. The stats on this card looks promising except for the shooting. At this stage of the game, I personally feel 81 shooting is a bit too low for a card.

However, we are here to know how we can easily and quickly do the objectives for this card. Firstly in order to do that you would need to gain access to FUT Friendly Mode: Friendly Frost.

  • You can use only 1 loan card.
  • The Friendly mode is a Max Chemistry mode. This means you can literally use any player in any position and still get maximum chemistry. It is a super fun mode. However, for the purpose of this Objective card, I would suggest having Serie A and Brazilian players in your squad.

Winter Wildcard Junior Messias Objectives :

Lets us now discuss the easiest way to complete the objectives for this card.

  • Samba Scoring: You need to Score a total of 15 goals with Brazilian players.
  • Ice Cold CAM: You need to Assist 3 goals with a CAM. Over here the card needs to be a CAM. It is not necessary to use a CAM card by default. We can easily use a striker and put a Position Modifier on him to make him a CAM and then get all the assists with him. You can also change your CMs to CAMs just to increase the chances of a CAM assist.
  • Serie A Streak: You have to score with a Serie A player in 10 separate games. No matter how many goals you score with a Serie A player in one game it will only be counted as one. Therefore win or loss does not matter for this objective.
  • Winter Wins: Win a total of 5 games

Note: All games need to be played under the FUT Friendly Mode: Friendly Frost

Well there you go, the quickest way to do objective cards is to understand the objectives and how to do them. Your Squad matters a lot. I have given below a sample squad that I would be using for this Junior Messias objectives :

This is the squad I would be using. You can of course use Brazilian CAM instead of Mbappe. Anyways this is just a sample squad. Feel free to make changes as you wish.

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I hope this guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comment section below.

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