FIFA 22 – How to do Luke Shaw TOTY Honourable Mention Objectives quickly in TOTY Talents

This guide will help you complete the new TOTY Honorable Mention Objectives quickly and easily under FUT Milestones.

FIFA 22 – How to do Luke Shaw TOTY Honourable Mention Objectives quickly in TOTY Talents

Even though I thought Luke Shaw would make it to the TOTY first 11, it seems the poor guy could only manage to get an Honourable Mention for TOTY. He did perform well for England in the Euro 2020. With that being said let’s take a look at this card. We had a recent Raphael Varane Flashback SBC. Well for people who had done that SBC, it is your lucky day since Luke Shaw will be a green link to Varane. The card looks really good and on top of that, it is free.

How to Enter TOTY Talents :

In order to do the objectives for Luke Shaw you need to play all your matches in the FUT Friendly mode: TOTY Talents. Let’s quickly take a look at the requirements for TOTY Talents.

  • You need players from at least one club. This is basically not possible to violate so whatever team you have would actually meet the requirements
  • It is a Max Chemistry Mode. This means you can use whatever team you want and play whichever player in whichever position you want and still get full chemistry.

How to complete the TOTY Honourable Mention Objectives Quickly :

The objectives for the TOTY Honourable Mention Luke Shaw actually look pretty easy. The best way to complete the objectives would be to understand the requirements. Lets me help you with that :

  • Outside Honours: You need to score a goal from outside the penalty box. If Finesse shots are tough for you go ahead and try a regular shot from just outside the box (as close to the line as possible). Aim towards the far post and shoot. Timed Finish would increase the chances of your scoring.
  • Don’t Mention it: Assist 4 goals using Midfielders only. Midfielders include CM, CDM, CAM, LM, and RM. You can use Position Modifiers and change the default position of any of the players you are going to use into any of the midfield positions that I mentioned.
  • TOTY Success: Win 4 games.
  • Forward Progress: Score using Premier League Players only in 10 separate matches. So you basically need to score one per game. Win or loss does not matter here. Try to use a Premier League Team to increase the chances of scoring with a Premier League Player. You may also use Premier League forwards only.

There you go, this is the easiest way in which you can actually complete the TOTY Honourable Mention objectives for Luke Shaw quickly. if this guide was helpful, let us know in the comment section down below.

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