FIFA 22 – How to do Manquillo Objectives Quickly | PL League Player

Lets discuss on how you can easily complete the new PL League Player Objectives

FIFA 22 – How to do Manquillo Objectives Quickly | PL League Player

We have yet another League player and this time its the Premier League. We have Manquillo from Newcastle United and he looks decent as a full back. He is Spanish so easy links to La Liga. I guess he would be worth the grind.

In order to get this amazing card we need to play matches under the FUT Friendly Mode : Managerial Masterpiece. 

If you want to know how to setup your squad and understand the requirements then check out our guide on it.

If you are looking for a sample squad then I have one for you :

This is the squad I would be using for the objectives. Feel free to copy it or make changes as necessary.

Premier League : League Player  Manquillo Objectives :

Now let us quickly check the objectives for this card and how we can easily complete them :

  • Brace for it : You need to win 6 games by a margin of 2 goals or more. Not necessarily 2-0 . You just need to score two goals more than your opponent at least, could be more though but not les than 2. Also make sure you have only Premier League players in your starting 11
  • Golden Boot : Score a total of 30 goals with Premier League players only . Best way to do this is to have a whole Premier League squad like I have shown in the picture above.
  • Distribution King : Assist 20 goals at with premier league players only . Same as the previous one but with assists .
  • Throughroad : You need to assist with a through ball in 5 separate matches using premier league players only. Try to use a two striker formation and put a through pass in front of the keeper to your other striker to score easily
  • Volley to Victory : Score a Volley per game for 8 games using only Premier League players. Win or loss does not matter. Use a two striker formation and then when you are infront of the opponent’s keeper cross the ball to the second striker and volley it in. You can also double tap pass button for a slightly lofted regular pass. Rainbow flicks could also be used for volleys provided the player you are using has 4 star skills.

There you go, easiest way to complete the objectives for the new PL League Player Manquillo . I hope this guide was helpful. Do let us know in the comments section down below.

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