FIFA 22 – How to do Next Generation Genius Milestones Objectives FUT Quickly

This article will help you with the Next Generation Genius under  Milestones Objectives in FUT.

FIFA 22 – How to do Next Generation Genius Milestones Objectives FUT Quickly

The Next Generations is a mini promo where we all get a free Next Generations player if you log in once within January 14th, 2022. The Team included Kylian Mbappe LW (86) , Theo Hernandez LB (85), Christian Pulisic LW (83), Eduardo Camavinga CM (81), Jude Bellingham CM (81), Phil Foden CAM (85).

The Next Generation Genius is a set of  Milestone objectives for an easy untradeable Mega Pack

How to complete all Next Generation Genius objectives quickly :

The objectives for Next Generations Genius seem to be a little tricky. Since the objectives include scoring with them and some of them do not have decent shooting stats. However, here is how you can easily complete them.

  • Next-Gen Games: Play 15 games with a Next Generations Player in your starting 11. Could be any game mode- Rivals, Squad Battles, or even FUT Champs
  • Crossing the Divide:  Assist 8 goals with crosses with a Next Generation player in your starting squad. You can do it in Squad Battles with difficulty being Semi-Pro and above or you can do it in Rivals. I would suggest doing it in Squad Battles with Semi-Pro Difficulty What people would be getting confused about is that you do not have to cross with the Next Generations Player. You can cross-assist with any player. Just that the Next Generation player should be in the squad while you do it.  Use two striker formations. Try to get in behind the defender or dribble past the last one. Whenever you go 1 v1 with the keeper just cross the ball to the second striker for an easy cross-assist.
  • Next Gen Glory: Win 10 matches in Squad Battles (minimum Semi-Pro difficulty) or in Division Rivals with a Next Generations Player in the starting 11.
  • Generation Goals: You need to score 20 goals with the Next Generation player that you get. The best way to do this would be in Squad Battles on Semi-Pro Difficulty. You can do this in any game mode. Even FUT Champs but the easiest would be to do it in Squad Battles Mode. Play the Next Gen Player as a striker.

Also, try to include your next generations player as a first-owned player in Icon Swaps First Owned Squad Battle Objectives. That way you can get both of them done.

Well, that is it. The easiest and the fastest way to get these objectives done.  If the article was helpful please let us know in the comments section below.

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