FIFA 22 – How to do PL League Player Sarr Objectives in Managerial Masterpiece Quickly

This article will help you complete the objectives for the new PL League player Sarr quickly.

FIFA 22 – How to do PL League Player Sarr Objectives in Managerial Masterpiece Quickly

We have yet another objective League Player. It is the French Center Back from Chelsea Sarr. The card looks pretty average though, however, his dribbling stats for a CB is actually pretty nice. He could be one of those agile CBs. I guess this player could be worth doing.

In order to complete the objectives you would have to first gain access to FUT Friendly: Managerial Masterpiece. All the friendly matches need to be played in that mode. To know how you can easily set up your team for Managerial Masterpiece checks out our guide here.

How to easily complete the objectives for Sarr :

Let’s quickly understand how we can easily get the Sarr objectives done once you have gained access to Managerial Masterpiece.

  • Pure Winner: You need to win 10 games with a starting squad full of Premier League players only. You can have players from other leagues on the bench.
  • Golden Boot: Score a total of 30 goals using Premier League players
  • Distribution King: Assist a total of 20 goals using Premier League players only.
  • Crossing Signal: Assist with a cross using a Premier League player in 5 separate matches. So you basically need 1 cross-assist per match. Use 2 striker formations and when you go 1 v 1 with the keeper cross the ball to the second striker for an easy cross-assisted goal.
  • Boxed Lunch: Score a goal from outside the penalty box in 8 separate games. This means we would have to get 1 long shot per match for 8 matches.

If you want a sample squad for the objectives here it is :

This is the squad I would be using for the objectives. Feel free to copy this squad to make changes as you feel necessary. I hope this article was helpful. Do let us know in the comments section down below.

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