FIFA 22 – How to do Premier League Cup Objectives

This article will help you complete the Premier League Cup objectives quickly.

FIFA 22 – How to do Premier League Cup Objectives

It is day 2 of the Premier League TOTS and EA has just given us an opportunity to earn more player packs. Even though pulling a TOTS card out of a pack is tough but at the end of the day it is what grinding is all about.

To be honest I would be happy enough to get these free packs and try to pull out a TOTS card from it. I already did pull out 2 from the packs we received in TOTS Cup.

As far as the Premier League Cup goes it is very similar to TOTS cup. It is win based objectives which give you loads of packs. I would recommend everyone to  go ahead and complete it.

Not only that, you would also earn the new TOTS Swap Token Saravanja as well.

How to Enter Premier League Cup :

This objective too has a dedicated Friendly Mode called the Premier League Cup. In order to enter this mode you would have to go ahead and follow certain squad requirements. Let us quickly go ahead and take a look.

  • There should be no loan players in the squad.
  • Your entire starting 11 along with the bench should be players belonging to the Premier League.

How to complete Premier League Cup Objectives :

This is nothing but a win based objective. The more wins you get the better packs you get. However there is a catch. You will only have a limited number of games per day with 3 minutes of half length.  So you basically have to secure the win in 6 minutes.

The objective will be available in FUT for 14 days. You would get 3 games per day which makes it a total of 42 games in total (only if you play everyday). Out of these 42 games you would have to win 14 games . It is a pretty easy task unlike the TOTS cup where you had to win 10 out of 15 games.

Here is what the rewards look like :

Wins 1-2 : Two 80+ EFIGS Player Packs (Untradeable)

Wins 3 : TOTS Token Saravanja + Player Pick (Untradeable)

Win 4-5 : Player Pick Special Item (Untradeable)

Wins 6 : Player Pick (Untradeable)

Wins 7 : Player Pick Special Item (Untradeable)

Wins 8 : Prime Electrum Players Pack (Untradeable)

Wins 9 -10 : Premium Gold Players Pack (Untradeable)

Wins 11- 13 : Mega Pack (Untradeable)

Wins 14 : Prime Gold Players Pack (Untradeable) + Rare Players Pack (Untradeable).

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also keep following FPS Index for more FIFA 22 related content. and guide.

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