FIFA 22 – How to do Prime Time Objectives for Winter Wildcards Swaps Token | FUT Milestones

This guide will help you complete the objectives for Prime Time under FUT Milestones for the Wildcards Swaps Token.

FIFA 22 – How to do Prime Time Objectives for Winter Wildcards Swaps Token | FUT Milestones

EA has dropped yet another Wildcard Token under FUT Milestones. Look for Prime Time objectives. This token will be free and you just need to complete a set of objectives for it. However like Mega Match-up this too will be played under the FUT Friendly Mode: Winter Wonder 

As you can see the only requirement over here would be that you use only one Loan player if you want to. Other than that you can play with any team you want. However, the rule for the matches would be Mystery Ball.

How to play Mystery Ball :

For those who do not know how to play the Mystery Ball game mode let me tell you it is one of the most fun modes in FIFA. Basically, there would be several modifiers or stat boosters in the game. Every time the ball goes out of play you get a different stat booster.

  • Dribbling Boost
  • Shooting Boost
  • Passing Boost
  • Speed Boost
  • All Attributes Boost

Now, along with this boost, you would also get a Goal Range Modifier. Which is like a goal multiplier. If the Goal Range is 2 then you would add 2 goals to your score if you score one in-game. Therefore make sure you take full advantage of the Goal Ranges. There could be a maximum of 3 Goal Range Modifier. Try to use the boosts to your advantage. Use the wings when you have speed or dribbling boost. Try to shoot more often when you have the shooting boost. Honestly, defending could actually be very tough in Mystery Ball.

How to easily complete the objectives for Prime Time :

On completion, you get a wildcard swap token. Let’s quickly check out the objectives and how we can do them quickly :

  • 10 Match Mystery: You need to score in 10 separate matches
  • Midfield Moves: Score 5 goals using Midfielders. Now the midfielders include CDM, CM, LM, RM, and CAM. Make sure the position on the card is one of these. For example, if you have Mbappe as ST in your squad you can use a position modifier and change his position to CAM and use him. Yes, you do not have to use midfielders in real life or default midfielder cards. You can change your strikers to CAMs and score.
  • Passing Play: Assist a total of 8 goals.
  • Way to Win: Win 3 matches.

The objectives are as easy as it gets. So go ahead and complete it quickly. Also, make sure you follow the Golden Goal Rule. If you do not know about the rule, let me explain it to you. It is basically a community thing where if you concede the first goal you quit. This saves time and effort. You can easily complete all the objectives in less than an hour following this concept. If you score you win. Simple as that.

I hope this guide was helpful. Do let us know in the comments section down below.

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