FIFA 22 – How to do RTTF Glory Road Objectives in Final Fanatics

This guide will help you understand how you need to do the RTTF Glory Road Objectives in the new Live FUT Friendly Mode: Final Fanatics.

FIFA 22 – How to do RTTF Glory Road Objectives in Final Fanatics

It’s Friday and we have another new Road To The Final ( RTTF ) Promo. The cards look really good, to be honest. However, the Future Stars cards did look better. I am personally excited about the Bale card which looks sick. We even have Kimpembe which I am pretty sure would be end-game quality.

Understanding the RTTF Glory Road Objectives :

It is good to see that EA is trying to make things more interesting with new types of objectives. For example the last time they introduced the Live FUT Friendlies LaLiga Lights and Ligue 1 Liaisons. The interesting fact about the friendlies was that the Ligue 1 teams would be squaring off against the La Liga squads. This time the concept for the RTTF Glory Road is a little different. It is a Tournament-Inspired Friendly mode.

Rules For RTTF Glory Road :

Here are the rules for the RTTF Glory Road :

  • Every day you would be getting 5 Matches or Entries.
  • Every 3 wins will help you progress to the next objectives.
  • This will be going on until you get 21 wins which is the Final.
  • After getting 21 wins you win the Final and complete the entire objectives group for RTTF Glory Road

All games for this objectives group should be played under the new Live FUT Friendly Mode: Final Fanatics 

  • The one and only requirement for entering this Friendly mode are that you cannot use more than 1 loan player in the squad. It should either be 0 or 1 loan player.
  • You can use any team you want and there is no rule for that and you would be playing under Classic Match rules.

As you can see that you have 14 days to complete this objectives group. So you would be getting 5 x 14 = 70 games in total over 14 days. Out of those 70 games you have to win 21 only to complete the objectives.

The Objectives :

Here are the objectives for the RTTF Glory Road :

  • Round of 16 Leg 1: Win 3 matches
  • Round of 16 Leg 2: Win 6 matches
  • Quarter-Finals Leg 1: Win 9 matches
  • Quarter-Finals Leg 2: Win 12 matches
  • Semi-Finals Leg 1: Win 15 matches
  • Semi-Finals Leg 2: Win 18 matches
  • Final: Win 21 matches

There are no complicated objectives whatsoever. The only thing required is winning games. As for teams, you can use your main squad for this one as there are no squad rules for Final Fanatics.

I hope this guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below.

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