FIFA 22 – How to do Rulebreakers Fellaini Quickly under FUT Friendly Break Out

Wondering how to quickly complete the new Rulebreakers Fellaini card under the FUT Friendly Break Out.

FIFA 22 – How to do Rulebreakers Fellaini Quickly under FUT Friendly Break Out

With the market on its downfall, EA has released a beast of a free card. Yes, Fellaini now has a pace boost from 36 to 88 and he is 6’4″. This card will be amazing both offensively and defensively. The only downside of this card will be the links. Other than that I do not see wrong with the card yet. However, we just need to complete a set of easy objectives to get this insane card.

In order to do the objectives we need to enter the FUT Friendly: Break Out. These are the requirements :

  • You can have only 1 Loan Player in your entire squad. The bench is included.
  • Basically, you would be playing a “No Rules” match which means no offside, no fouls nothing.

How to do the Rulebreakers: Fellaini Objectives Easily :

We do not have a lot of time for this Friendly therefore we need to know how we can easily complete the objectives as soon as possible :

  • Breaking Out: You need to score 1 goal in 7 separate matches. Even if you get 7 goals in one game it would still be counted as 1. So you need to have 1 goal in 7 different games…
  • Forceful Assists: You need to assist at least 4 goals with players who have a minimum of 75 physical attributes. Could be more than 75 but not less. Strikers like Ronaldo, and Mbappe have physical of 75 and 75+.
  • Midfield Finishers: You need to score 3 goals using Midfielders. Now midfield positions would be CDM, CM, RM, LM, and CAM. Position in your squad does not matter. The Position on the card matters. So if you have LW Neymar or LW Vinicius, I would say make them LM with a position modifier and then score those 3 goals. You can also change ST to CAM and score.
  • Belgian Blend: Use 1 player from Belgium in your Starting Squad or starting 11 and win 4 matches.  You can easily sub him out for a better player.

There you go, the easiest way to complete the Rulebreakers Fellaini Objectives under the new FUT Friendly: Break Out. I hope this guide was helpful. Let us know in the comments below.

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