FIFA 22 – How to do Shapeshifters Daily Delight Objectives and SBC

This guide will help you complete the new Shapeshifters Daily Delight Objectives easily.

FIFA 22 – How to do Shapeshifters Daily Delight Objectives and SBC

The Shapeshifters promo was one of my personal favorites. We got it back in FIFA 20 and now in FIFA 22. The promo starts on Friday however EA has decided to go ahead and keep us busy already with a promo-based objective.

For people who are new let me explain what the Shapeshifters promo actually is like. Imagine getting a Messi card who is CAM. Makes a lot of difference doesn’t it? We normally play him CAM in-game and we have to play a striker as a winger just so we can fit in Messi.

This is what the Shapeshifters promo is about. Players have different positions or even weak foot. I remember the Ronaldo Shapeshifters back in FIFA 20 was left-footed. This makes the promo so much more interesting.

EA trying to give us a Shapeshifters Team 1 guaranteed pack is pretty generous, to be honest. However, it is pretty much close to the end of the game and EA normally gives us a lot of packs for almost nothing.

Shapeshifters Daily Delight Objectives Guide with SBC Cheapest Solution :

The new objective that EA has launched based on the Shapeshifters promo is not actual gameplay related. It is actually an SBC-related objective. EA basically wants you to log in literally everyday and complete the “Daily Login Upgrade” SBC.

Here is what you have to do :

You have to complete the Daily Login Upgrade SBC every day for 7 days. Here are the rewards :

  • Daily Login 1:  1 out of 3 80+ player pick
  • Daily Login 2:  1 out of 3 81+ player pick.
  • Daily Login 3: 1 out of 3 82+ player pick
  • Daily Login 4: 1 out of 4 84+ player pick
  • Daily Login 5: 1 out of 4 85+ player pick
  • Daily Login 6: TOTS player pick
  • Daily Login 7: EFIGS TOTS player pack
  • Final Reward: Shapeshifter player pack

Daily Login Upgrade SBC Cheapest Solution :

These are the requirements for the SBC :

  • You need to have Silver cards or higher in your squad. No Bronze.
  • At least 3 gold cards.
  • Team Chemistry should be 30 or more

This is the cheapest squad that you could use for this SBC.

PlayStation Xbox PC
12,400 15,000 22,900

You must be wondering why the player prices are so high even though they are Silvers. Well, at this point in the game player stats don’t really matter unless the card is a top-tier promo card. What matters is the rating of the card and mainly the availability of that card.

This is why even when the ratings are lower on silvers, SBCs like the Daily login and the puzzle SBCs may require silver cards. Now the market is filled with more gold than silvers. This is exactly why good linkable silver cards shoot up in price.

Feel free to copy the squad if you are out of fodder. Or else you could just build the squad on your own which is what I would recommend.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, keep following FPS Index for more FIFA 22 related content. and guide.

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