FIFA 22 – How to do Silver Stars Diallo Objectives for Wildcards Token in FUT Silver Lounge

This guide will help you complete the objectives for Silver Stars Diallo and get another Wildcards token.

FIFA 22 – How to do Silver Stars Diallo Objectives for Wildcards Token in FUT Silver Lounge

We finally have the new Silver Stars objectives again. This time it’s Diallo. However, that is not the only reason we would do this objective quickly. We have yet another Winter Wildcard Token available through the completion of all the objectives for the Silver Stars.

As we all know already that all the games for the objectives need to be played in the FUT Friendly Mode: Silver Stars

  • As you can see the only requirement is that you have only silver players in your squad. This includes your starting 11 and your bench.

How to easily Complete Silver Stars Diallo Objectives :

To be honest the objectives for this Diallo card are pretty easy to complete. However, the most important thing about the Silver Lounge is the players that you use. A good silver team with a good pace could actually help you win games way too easily. Silver players are generally very low stat-wise. But some of them might have the pace and the dribbling to actually make a huge difference in the game. Here is the team I suggest you should use for the Silver Stars objectives.

Japan and Brazil are known for their best silver and bronze cards. Japanese silver cards are absolute legends. This team that I am using has an average pace of 83 and that is quite a lot for a silver team. For Custom Tactics you do not have to use any. Just keep everyone on Balanced on the default 4-4-2 formation. Their in-game attributes are not high enough to follow your instructions properly. Here are the names of the players I would be using :

  • Erik from Brazil and Furuhashi from Japan as Strikers
  • Eduardo Henrique from Brazil and Oshima from Japan as CMs
  • Guilherme from brazil and Asano from Japan as LM and RM
  • Paulinho from Brazil  and Muroya from Japan as the full-backs
  • Maracas from Brazil and Shoji from Japan as Center Backs
  • Kawashima from Japan as the Keeper

Now let’s quickly check out the Objectives :

  • Win 3 matches
  • Score a total of 8 goals
  • Assist a total of 8 goals

Well, you can see how easy the objectives are. There is not much to explain in there. The only things that would help you in Silver Lounge are the players you use and the custom tactics for those low-level players. Or else you would feel as if you are controlling a bunch of trucks that cannot do anything on the pitch properly.

Completing the objectives would also give you a Winter Wildcard token. So go for it. I hope this guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below.

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