FIFA 22 – How to do Silver Stars Gibbs-White for Future Stars Token quickly

This article will help you complete the objectives for Gibbs-White the new Silver Stars card in order to get the Future Stars Swap Token: Ochojski.

FIFA 22 – How to do Silver Stars Gibbs-White for Future Stars Token quickly

We have a new Silver Stars Card and this time it would be Gibbs-White. The main reason most of s would be grinding for this card would be the Future Stars Swaps Token that we get as a reward on completion.

The Tricky part for this one would be location. Normally we would get Silver Stars under Objectives but this one is under the Milestones section. Completing all the objectives will not only give you a Silver Stars card but also a Future Stars Swap Token. Just press the “see all rewards ” option to reveal the token.

How to complete the objectives quickly :

As you all would know by now that the Silver Stars Objectives are always the same and need to be played under Silver Lounge in the FUT Friendly Mode.

  • Win 3 matches
  • Score a total of 8 goals
  • Assist a total of 6 goals.

There is nothing more I can tell you about the objectives. It is the simplest it can be. But what I can actually guide you with is a team that would help you complete the objectives quickly and easily.

Here is a squad I normally use for my Silver Stars objectives. Trust me Japan and Brazil are gods when it comes to Silver players. Therefore I am using a squad with only Brazilian and Japanese players. They are quick and agile and they all have a pace. The pace on this team would be around 84 on average and that is quite a lot for silver cards.

This is where you get an upper hand. Normally users do not really invest much time in building a good Silver squad and I am actually handing one out to you. Try using this squad with the 4-4-2 default formation and default tactics. Since the ratings on these players are low they will not react well to instructions.

I hope this guide was helpful. Do let us know in the comments section down below.

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