FIFA 22 – How to do Silver Stars Talles Magno Objectives Quickly

Here  is a guide that would help you complete the Silver Stars Talles Magno objectives easily.

FIFA 22 – How to do Silver Stars Talles Magno Objectives Quickly

We have the new Theme Based Silver Stars Series Promo in Ultimate Team and today is Brasilvers day. All the Silver Stars cards we get through Objectives and SBC would be Brazilians. We have the new Silver Stars Talles Magno as a free objectives card. The Left Midfielder looks pretty good as a silver card and I might ever bother getting this card. You would only have 7 days to complete the objectives though.

Unlike the regular Silver Stars cards that we get every Wednesday along with the new TOTW, this one is part of a promo and you could get the objectives done through Squad Battles. Remember that these can only be done in squad battles mode and not with Division Rivals.

How to complete the Objectives for Talles Magno Easily :

Since this guy is Brazilian he would be easy to link in a silver team. His stats look decent enough to fit in the main team as well. Here are the objectives and how you can easily complete them.

Remember: The squad that you have to use would be a full Silver Squad which includes your sub bench.

  • Win 5: You have to win 5 matches in Squad Battles on minimum Professional difficulty.
  • Heading Hero: You need to score 3 headers in Squad Battles on Minimum Semi-Pro difficulty. Use a 2 striker formation. When you go 1 v 1 with the keeper, cross the ball to the second striker and then try to head it in. You can also try heading it in from corners. Make sure you have a striker above 6’1′ in height or a tall enough defender.
  • Assist 8: You have to assist a total of 8 goals in Squad Battles on minimum Professional difficulty.

Tips :

  • If you check the objectives you would be able to see that the “Heading Hero” could be done in Semi-Pro difficulty as well unlike the others. You can do all the objectives in Professional difficulty just to avoid paying the extra matches for Heading Hero in semi-pro difficulty.
  • Try and use the Squad Battle Glitch. Click here to know more about it.
  • Use this squad if necessary :

  • Erik from Brazil and Furuhashi from Japan as Strikers
  • Eduardo Henrique from Brazil and Oshima from Japan as CMs
  • Guilherme from brazil and Asano from Japan as LM and RM
  • Paulinho from Brazil  and Muroya from Japan as the full-backs
  • Maracas from Brazil and Shoji from Japan as Center Backs
  • Kawashima from Japan as the Keeper

This squad works wonders for me when I play in Silver Stars, I hope they would do the job for you in Squad Battles as well. Japan and Brazil have the best silver cards in the game. You can obviously make changes as you feel necessary. Use the Silver Stars cards if you can fit them in the squad.

I hope this guide was helpful. Do let us know in the comments section down below.

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