FIFA 22 – How to do Silvers Stars Malcuit Objectives Quickly

This article will help you complete the new Silver Stars Malcuit objectives easily.

FIFA 22 – How to do Silvers Stars Malcuit Objectives Quickly

Its Sunday and the theme for today is Frasilvers, which means we will be getting all French Silver Stars cards for the new Silver Stars Series promo. French Players are always easy to fit. And honestly, I feel EA loves the French players a lot. We have so many good French cards in the game that you can literally make a team out of them.

However, when we talk of French defenders we do not get to see proper Right Back. Malcuit is that one guy who could actually feel in that void. He is free and the stats on this silvers stars card looks so good. 85 on pace and 82 defending is still good for a fullback. Slap a shadow on him and you could get yourself a really good French RB.

The Squad :

Silver players are generally very bad to play with. They have poor stats all around and it is so difficult to link them together according to clubs. However, they can easily be linked with their nations. Talk about Brazil and Japan’s silver cards, they are simply outstanding. They have decent pace and agility and their AI feels so good compared to other silver players. Of course other cards like the Silver Stars that we get every week are better, but if you cannot link them to your team try and use this squad that I am about to show you right here.

  • Erik from Brazil and Nagai from Japan as Strikers
  • Eduardo Henrique from Brazil and Oshima from Japan as CMs
  • Guilherme from brazil and Asano from Japan as LM and RM
  • Paulinho from Brazil  and Muroya from Japan as the full-backs
  • Maracas from Brazil and Shoji from Japan as Center Backs
  • Kawashima from Japan as the Keeper

This squad works so well for me all the time. As per the tactics and formation, I would go for the absolute default tactics on the 4-4-2 formation. The reason is that the players have extremely poor defensive and offensive AI. Trying to force an instruction on them only leaves them confused. Therefore the default custom tactics work the best for them.

The Objectives :

The objectives for every Silver Stars card that we used to get weekly remained more or less the same and really easy to do. Even the ones for this promo are easy enough. All the matches for the objectives need to play in Squad Battles (not in Division Rivals). You need to use an entire Silver Squad which includes your sub bench. Let’s quickly go through the objectives for this card :

  • Win 5: You have to win a total of 5 matches in Squad Battles with minimum Professional difficulty.
  • Active Assist:  You have got a total of 6 assists by through balls only in Squad Battles with minimum Professional difficulty.
  • Triple Double: You have to score 2 goals per match with a midfielder in 3 separate Squad Battles games with a difficulty of minimum Semi-Pro. Midfielders include CDM, CM, CAM, LM, and RM. Make sure you use cards whose position on the card itself is either of these. You can actually play a striker as a CAM or CM for chemistry in the starting lineup and then change his position in-game. As long as the position on the card says midfielder it would count. Use position modifiers if necessary.

Tip :

  • Make sure you play all the matches on Professional difficulty. Then you would not have to play that extra game in Semi-Pro for Triple Double. You could do all of the objectives at the same time.

There you go, the easiest and the quickest way to complete the new Silvers Stars Malcuit objectives. I hope this guide was helpful to you. Do let us know in the comments section down below.

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