FIFA 22 – How to do Skills on Keyboard | Best Button Configuration

This article will help you with the best keyboard configuration for FIFA 22. Will help you understand how you need to setup your keys so that you could do skills flawlessly.

FIFA 22 – How to do Skills on Keyboard | Best Button Configuration

FIFA 22 is an overall improvement over last year. The gameplay is very fluid with all the new animations and crisp passing. But, like I always say playing the game with a gamepad is a lot better than the keyboard. You get to rotate the playing within 360 degrees while for the keyboard you have just 45 degrees. This limits your left stick ball control to a huge extent.

A lot of users believe it is not possible to do skills on the keyboard. Even if it is it is just too difficult to consistently pull it off in-game. Therefore what could be the best way to get all these new skills moves done without breaking a sweat? Yup, that is what we are here for.

I will show you my keyboard configuration for FIFA 22 and trust me with this configuration performing skill moves in-game will be a piece of cake.

FIFA 22 Keyboard Button Mapping :

I always edit the Alternate setup. Check out this setup :

  • Through ball – e
  • Lob Pass/Cross/Header – a
  • Shoot- d
  • Sort Pass- s
  • Player Run/ Modifier – q
  • Finesse Shot – z
  • Protect ball – x
  • Sprint – w

  • Move up – up arrow
  • Move down – down arrow
  • Move left – left arrow
  • Move right – right arrow
  • Switch Camera (Goalkeeper) – f
  • Attacking Tactics – Home
  • Defensive Tactics – End

  • Mentality – Delete & Page down

Here comes the most important part. The Right stick controls :

  • Right Stick Up – 1 
  • Right Stick Left – 2 
  • Right Stick Down- 3 
  • Right Stick Right – 4

Now, these controls are all above the QWE on the keyboard and not on the Numpad. To do skills with these buttons I simply have to remember the combination for particular skills :

  • For example, if your playing is facing the right of the screen then press 2 and 4 for a rainbow flick. 4 and 2 for a heel to heel
  • Press 2,3, and 4 one after the other in one motion for a 360 spin
  • Press 4,3, and 2 for an Elastico skill move, and so on

Go to Customize >> Settings > Skill Moves while you are in the game to check out all the different skill moves and how to do them with your current button config.

The point is to have the right stick controls as close to your fingers as possible so that you can reach them easily. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your comfort level. You may not be comfortable with my button config. But you can sure get the idea of how you can set yours. And if you have no clue at all then why not give this setup a try?

If this guide was helpful do let us know in the comment section down below. Enjoy the game.

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