FIFA 22 – How to do Squad Foundations Uribe Quickly | FUT Milestones Objectives

This guide will help you complete the new Squad Foundations Uribe Objectives Under FUT Friendly : Football Foundations

FIFA 22 – How to do Squad Foundations Uribe Quickly | FUT Milestones Objectives

We have yet another set of gameplay objective cards under Squad Foundations  and this time it is the Liga Portugal. We have this imply amazing card Uribe who plays for FC Porto. It is good to see EA making up for a No Promo week with all these crazy objective cards. Let’s see how we can easily complete the objectives for Uribe

If you want to know how to enter the Squad Foundations you can check out this article where I have explained the requirements in details.

Firstly, this is the squad I would be using for the Uribe Objectives under FUT Friendly : Football Foundations

This is  obviously a sample squad. You can use whoever you like as long as it does not violate the rules for Football Foundations FUT Friendly

Let’s check out the Objectives for Squad Foundations Uribe :

  • Sustained Finishing : Score with Liga Portugal players in 6 separate matches. You need to get atleast 1 goal with a Liga Portugal player per match for 6 matches. You also need o have atleast 7 Liga Portugal players in your starting squad. Could be more than seven but not less. Use players like Rafa or the RB Corona to score more in games.
  • Portuguese Provider : Assist a total of 4 goals with Liga Portugal players, having a minimum of 7 Liga Portugal players in your squad . I suggest having only Liga Portugal players in your squad to improve the chances
  • In the Bag : Score a total of 6 goals with Finesse shots with Liga Portugal Players, having at least 7 Liga Portugal players in your starting 11. Since Finesse shots are nerfed big time you might have to pass infront of the keeper and then Finesse in an Empty net for completing this objective. You can do this in one game too.
  • Four in Four : Win 4 games with  a minimum of 7 Liga Portuguese players in your squad.

The objectives seem very easy to do. This week will be all about grinding, and I hope I could make things just a bit easier for you. If you like this article, please let us know in the comment section below.

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