FIFA 22 – How to do Team Event Premier Strikers for Wildcard Swap Token | FUT Henry vs Rooney

This article will help you complete the Team Event objectives Thierry Henry vs Wayne Rooney for another Wildcard Swap Token 


FIFA 22 – How to do Team Event Premier Strikers for Wildcard Swap Token | FUT

Henry vs Rooney

We have a new Team Event and this time it is Thierry Henry vs Wayne Rooney. As a kid I grew up watching these guys play. However out of the two I would always prefer Thierry Henry since I had always been an Arsenal fan. Watching him score those amazing goals back then was the reason why he became one of my most favorite strikers of all time. Therefore I picked Henry over Rooney.

Most of us will actually skip this grind. The reason being its just a team event that gives you tifos and xp. But this time if you actually check out the objectives you will find that there is a hidden Winter Wildcards Swaps Token in one of the objectives. For people going for the full wildcards swap token grind you would have to complete these objectives now and I will help you out with it.

How to do Premier Strikers Objectives Quickly :

Like I said before I had picked Thierry Henry over Wayne Rooney. But I will be helping you out with objectives for both the strikers :

  • Scoring Instinct : Score a total 3 goals with a ST in Squad Battles with minimum Professional difficulty or in Division Rivals. The card needs to have ST as position. Could be any card. If the striker in your squad has a CM or CAM position on the card it will not work. Use position modifier to change it to ST or use some one who already has the ST position.
  • Perfect Pass : You need to assist 5 goals in 5 separate matches with French players (if you selected Thierry Henry) or English players (if you selected Wayne Rooney). Win or loss does not matter. You just need minimum of 1 assist per game for this to count.
  • Premier Performer : You need to win 5 Squad Battle matches with minimum Professional difficulty or Division Rivals matches with at least 7 Premier League players in your starting 11. This is the objective where you also get the Winter Wildcards Swap Token – Sweeney.
  • Draft Delight : You need to win one match in Online Drafts Mode.

Well, there you go, an easy guide for Team Event Premier Strikers featuring Henry and Rooney. I hope this article was helpful. Do let us know in the comments section down below.

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