FIFA 22 – How to do Team Event Premier Strikers for Wildcard Swap Token | FUT Henry vs Rooney

This article will help you complete the Team Event objectives Thierry Henry vs Wayne Rooney for another Wildcard Swap Token 

FIFA 22 – How to do Team Event Premier Strikers for Wildcard Swap Token | FUT

Henry vs Rooney

We have a new Team Event and this time it is Thierry Henry vs Wayne Rooney. As a kid, I grew up watching these guys play. However, out of the two, I would always prefer Thierry Henry since I had always been an Arsenal fan. Watching him score those amazing goals back then was the reason why he became one of my favorite strikers of all time. Therefore I picked Henry over Rooney.

Most of us will actually skip this grind. The reason being it’s just a team event that gives you tifos and XP. But this time if you actually check out the objectives you will find that there is a hidden Winter Wildcards Swaps Token in one of the objectives. For people going for the full wildcards swap token grind you would have to complete these objectives now and I will help you out with it.

How to do Premier Strikers Objectives Quickly :

Like I said before I had picked Thierry Henry over Wayne Rooney. But I will be helping you out with objectives for both the strikers :

  • Scoring Instinct: Score a total of 3 goals with an ST in Squad Battles with minimum Professional difficulty or in Division Rivals. The card needs to have ST as the position. Could be any card. If the striker in your squad has a CM or CAM position on the card it will not work. Use the position modifier to change it to ST or use someone who already has the ST position.
  • Perfect Pass: You need to assist 5 goals in 5 separate matches with French players (if you selected Thierry Henry) or English players (if you selected Wayne Rooney). Win or loss does not matter. You just need a minimum of 1 assist per game for this to count.
  • Premier Performer: You need to win 5 Squad Battle matches with minimum Professional difficulty or Division Rivals matches with at least 7 Premier League players in your starting 11. This is the objective where you also get the Winter Wildcards Swap Token – Sweeney.
  • Draft Delight: You need to win one match in Online Drafts Mode.

Well, there you go, an easy guide for Team Event Premier Strikers featuring Henry and Rooney. I hope this article was helpful. Do let us know in the comments section down below.

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