FIFA 22 – How to do TOTS Cups Objectives Fast

This guide will help you complete the new TOTS Cup Objectives quickly.

FIFA 22 – How to do TOTS Cups Objectives Fast

It is good to see how well EA is doing to keep us all busy with Objectives and SBCs during the Team of the Season promo. Today EA has dropped the new TOTS Cup Objectives.

It is basically like the Captains Cup objectives which are purely win-based. You need to have the right squad for the objectives too. As for the rewards it seems like EA is quite generous giving us good enough packs.

I would recommend everyone to complete these objectives since you would be getting a lot of packs by just playing the game. You would not lose fodder or coins. Its just grind and get good packs and that is it. You can go ahead and save the packs to open them later as well.

How to Enter Friendly Mode TOTS Cup :

In order to do the objectives you would have to build a team following certain rules. This would give you access to the new FUT Friendly Mode: TOTS Cup. Here is what the requirements to enter this mode looks like :

  • You cannot use any loan players in the squad.
  • You cannot use silver or bronze players in the squad as well.
  • In the case of special cards, you can only use Team of the Week (TOTW), FUT Champs (Red Pick), TOTS or TOTS Moments cards.  Including Bench.
  • You cannot have more than 1 TOTS or TOTS Moments Cards in the squad. Bench Included.
  • Each half should be of 3 minutes. Total Match length of 6 minutes.

Note: It is not compulsory to have FUT Champs cards or TOTS or any special card in your squad which includes the bench. You can easily make a squad with only Rare Gold. Just keep in mind that you can only use the special cards mentioned above and that is it. 

Here is a Sample Squad that I would be using for this Objective. Feel Free to copy the squad. I hope this gives you an idea.

TOTS Cup Objectives :

EA has just made this mode more difficult than before. The Captain’s Cup was similar but this one is actually difficult. You just have 5 days to complete the objectives. You are getting 3 chances per day which means yo will be having a total of 15 chances or matches.

Out of those 15 matches, you would have to win 10 matches to get the final rewards which is a Jumbo Rare Players Pack.

The only thing that you have to do in the objectives is to get wins. A total of 10 that is.

Here is what the rewards look like :

Wins 1-2: Two 80+ Rare EFIGS Players Pack.

Wins 3: Jumbo Premium Gold Pack

Wins 4: Five 83+ rare EFIGS Players Pack

Wins 5:  Prime Electrum Players Pack

Wins 6: Premium Gold Players Pack

Wins 7: Five 83+ rare EFIGS Players Pack

Wins 8: Premium Gold Players Pack

Wins 9: Mega Pack

Wins 10: Five 83+ rare EFIGS Players Pack + Jumbo Rare Players Pack.

You would have to win 2 games every day out of 3 to actually get these packs. Therefore make sure that you are focused on your game. Your team would matter a lot so use all the good players that you have.

I hope the article was helpful. Do let us know in the comments section down below. Also, follow FPS index for more content and guides related to FIFA 22.

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