FIFA 22 – How to do TOTS Moments David De Gea Objectives

This guide will help you complete the TOTS Moments David De Gea Objectives easily.

FIFA 22 – How to do TOTS Moments De Gea Objectives

It’s Premier League TOTS time and boy am I excited. The cards look overpowered on paper and I cannot wait to try some of them out.

I did get a Zaha from the FUT Champs Red Picks and he is doing so well even as a super sub. With the Premier League TOTS being released it just makes it so much easier to link him into my starting lineup.

Speaking of the PL TOTS cards, I am kind of shocked that EA had decided to put a 93-rated David De Gea TOTS Moments card for free through gameplay objectives. Considering the fact that he is a green link to Varane and Laporte and other Spanish CBs from other leagues, I would say that this guy is a steal.

It is highly recommended that you go ahead and complete the objectives for this card no matter what. For the ones like me who are using the POTM De Gea, it is a huge upgrade over his 87-rated card.

Another reason why you should be doing this card is the TOTS Swap Token: Wallner that you get.

TOTS Moments De Gea Objectives Guide :

Let’s talk about the objectives for this David De Gea card and how we can complete them easily.

Finesse is Great: You have to score a total of 8 Finesse goals in Squad Battles on minimum Professional of a higher difficulty or in Division Rivals. Green-timing shots are key to this objective right here. You could also use a 2-striker formation and when you are 1 v 1 with the keeper go ahead and pass it to the second striker to get an easy finesse shot goal.

Premier Assisting: Assist 8 goals with through balls only using Premier League players. Could be done either in Squad Battle on minimum World Class difficulty or in Division Rivals.

Finishing on the Edge: Score from Outside the box using players from the Premier League only. A long-range finesse, chip shot, or a regular shot to the far post from the edge of the box would be fine. Green Timed shots would be great for this one too. Could be done either in Squad Battle on minimum Professional difficulty or in Division Rivals.

Winner in Eight: Win a total of 8 matches in Squad Battle on minimum Professional difficulty or  in Division Rivals

Tips :

  • Play all the Squad Battle matches on World Class difficulty. There is only one objective that requires world Class or above difficulty. So you would only be playing lesser games this way. If that objective is completed then switch back to Professional.
  • Doing the objectives in Squad Battles is a lot easier than in Rivals.
  • Make sure you have more Premier League Players in your squad. This way you could increase the chance of getting Premier League-specific objectives done quickly.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, keep following FPS Index for more FIFA 22 related content and guides.

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