FIFA 22 – How to do TOTY Home Kit SBC Cheapest Solution

This article will help you complete the Team of the Year Home Kit SBC in the cheapest possible way.

FIFA 22 – How to do TOTY Home Kit SBC Cheapest Solution

The Team of the Year promo is the most exciting promo of the year. Apart from the different player objectives and SBCs we also get separate objectives for player packs which might give us a chance of packing one of the TOTY players.

The new objectives called TOTY Item Rush are actually based on the stadium theme, badges, etc. You do not get player packs but if you want to gain XP and decorate your FUT Stadium then you can surely go for it. However, the Objectives require you to wear the TOTY Kit in-game.

Now you must be wondering where on earth would you find the new TOTY Kit. Well, you just need to go to Squad Building Challenges and you will find it sitting there as the Team of the Year Home Kit SBC.

Cheapest Solution to the Team of the Year Home Kit SBC :

Surprisingly enough the TOTY Home Kit is not at all a cheap SBC considering the fact that at the end of the day it is just a kit that we get. Some of you may like the kit some of you won’t but actually, you would have to use this kit for the objectives. This is why most of us would get the kit. Especially if you are going for the full 30-level season grind you need every little XP that you can get.

Well, this is the cheapest solution to the SBC as of now. All the players that I am using here in the squad are verified according to the current market scenario. You may also use players you already have in the squad to further reduce the real-time coins you have to spend on this SBC. However, if you feel that the players you are submitting are worth more than the actual value of the SBC then go for this squad which I have shown right here.

There you go, this is the cheapest possible squad you can submit for the Team of the Year Home Kit SBC. Do let us know in the comment section down below if this guide was helpful.

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