FIFA 22 – How to do TOTY Teamwork Objectives for TOTY Cristiano Ronaldo Loan Card

If you want the new Ronaldo Loan Item for free then follow this guide as it helps you complete the objectives for TOTY Teamwork quickly under FUT Milestones.

FIFA 22 – How to do TOTY Teamwork Objectives for TOTY Cristiano Ronaldo Loan Card

Cristiano Ronaldo is officially the 12th man for the FUT TOTY (Team of the Year) team. I personally voted for Salah since I felt he deserved it a lot more. However, it seems like Ronaldo’s fanbase really helped him earn this amazing TOTY card. This card looks too good statistically and I believe it would be that way too in-game. However, this card is just a 5-match loan. This means you would not be able to renew the contract for this guy after you play the 5 matches. Loan matches expire when you play any game mode with that card except for Friendlies. That is where you can have unlimited fun with the TOTY loan cards.

How to complete the objectives for TOTY Teamwork quickly :

Talking about the objectives, this time it requires you to have a partner. Yes, these are actually co-op objectives. You can complete the objectives in any game mode (Division Rivals and Squad Battles) but not the Friendlies. According to the co-op rule, the player who is in the higher division will match make with players from his division only. So if a division 4 guy teams up with a division 1 guy, they both will face an opponent where at least 1 person will be from division 1 (the highest). Make-making will be based on the highest division basically.

Due to this rule, it might become really difficult to play and complete objectives in Division Rivals. Therefore I would suggest you complete the objectives in Squad Battles. It would be much easier. Even the difficulty is not mentioned so you can basically use an difficulty. However, it would obviously be more fun playing Rivals.

  • Finessed That: Score 3 finesse shot goals in 3 separate Co-op matches (Squad Battles or Rivals). Try to use a 2 strike formation. When you go 1 v1 with the keeper, pass the ball to your partner so that he can finesse it in for an easy goal.
  • Winning Rush: You need to win 6 co-op matches.
  • Play 10:  You need to play at least 10 co-op matches
  • Score 20: Score 20 goals in total in co-op mode. Could be in any game mode (Rivals and Squad battles) except for Friendlies.

Tips for Co-op :

Playing Co-op is definitely not as easy as it seems. You need a lot of coordination, especially in defense. Here are some tips for doing well in co-op games :

  • Always let one person control the entire defense while you only control 1 player and try to block passing lanes. If both the players select defenders randomly the entire defense will break in an instant and you would end up conceding.
  • Try to use wider formations. 2 Striker formations work very well for Co-op. 4-4-2, 4-1-2-1-2, and 4-2-2-2 are ideal for Co-op.
  • Do not be selfish and keep dribbling with the ball. Pass the ball to your partner.
  • Try to make as many manual runs as possible so that your partner can lob a through ball to you.

There you go, the easiest and the quickest way to complete the objectives for TOTY  Teamwork and earn the Cristiano Ronaldo TOTY 12th man card. I hope the guide was helpful. Do let us know in the comments section down below.

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