FIFA 22 – How to do Winter Party Bag SBC for Swap Token | Best and Cheap solution

This guide will help you complete the Winter Party Bag SBC with the best possible solution.

FIFA 22 – How to do Winter Party Bag SBC for Swap Token | Best and Cheap solution

EA launched the first Party Bag in FUT 22. We all know how fun opening party bags could be but this one comes with a twist. EA had played it tricky this time. They included a Winter Wildcards Swap Token along with the Party Bag. So people who are grinding Winter Wildcard Swaps tokens would actually have to do this party bag if they are going for a full 15-token grind.

Honestly, this is a bold move from EA in a way since you would have to submit quite a bit of fodder for a Winter Swap token. But then that is how it is. So the question here is. Do you need to do this SBC? Well, for me yes. You can easily submit an 83-rated squad for a chance of getting a special item worth even more. On the other hand, if you want that 85+ x 10 pack from the 15-token grind then you would have to do this one. If you are not new you would know how broken that 85+x10 pack could be.

Best Possible Solution for The Party Bag SBC :

The best and cheapest way to complete any SBC is to make the best use of the fodder that you have. Try to understand card ratings and get the SBC done in the cheapest possible way. However, if you wish to get a concept squad to get an idea of how the SBC could be done you can use mine.

  • Team of the Week Players Min: 2 – You cannot use less than 2 Team of the Week players.
  • Team Overall Rating 83 or more
  • Team Overall Chemistry 60 or more

Here is the team I have submitted. I could have also swapped Batshuayi and Ibrahimovic’s positions for more chemistry but I already crossed 60 so it was fine. Feel free to use this squad. Make changes as you feel. Remember you need to make the best use of the fodder.

Well, there you go. The best possible way to complete the Party Bag SBC is with a Winter Wildcard Swap Token. I hope the article was useful. Do let us know in the comment section below.

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