FIFA 22 – How to do Year In Review Objectives quickly for Future Stars Token

This guide will help you complete the Year In Review objectives quickly under FUT Milestones.

FIFA 22 – How to do Year In Review Objectives quickly for Future Stars Token

The Year In Review Objectives will be available under the FUT Milestones. Apart from the decent amount of XP that you are supposed to get after completing the objectives you will also get a Future Stars Swap Token along with it. Therefore I would be guiding you on how to complete the objectives quickly and easily.

The objectives just require a little bit of grind. They are not tricky at all and would only require you to invest a lot of time into them. Here are the objectives, let’s check them out first.

Remember: All the matches are to be played in Squad Battles and the difficulty should be Professional or higher.

  • Tracking Tokens: Play 10 Matches in Squad Battles to get the new Future Stars Swap Token: Toal. You just need to play 10 matches. Win or loss does not really matter here.
  • Rulebreakers: For the Rulebreakers reward you would only have to play 25 Squad Battles games and that is it.
  • Signature Signings: To get the Signature Signings Reward you would have to play 50 Squad Battles matches.
  • Wildcard Way: For the Winter Wildcard reward you have to play 75 Squad Battle Matches.

The trick to complete the matches quickly with Squad Battles Glitch :

You can see that the objectives are not tricky ones but trust me the grind would literally tire you out completely. Maybe to a point where squad battles might become absolutely boring to you. So I will just tell you a little trick that you can use in order to get those 75 matches done without getting bored.

  • This Glitch works only on the Professional Difficulty and therefore tries not to go higher.
  • Try to score a quick goal and then take the ball from the opponent. Go to your half and near your penalty box.
  • Now press the up on the right stick and make sure that the payer is doing a ball roll and moving in a short circular path.
  • Keep doing this for the rest of the half and then repeat the same thing in the next half.
  • If you do not care about a win then just tie a rubber band around both the analog sticks so that both of them are bent towards each other.
  • This trick might not work on higher-rated teams because the players will have higher aggression and will eventually take the ball from you.

This is basically a way in which you can finish these objectives without getting tired. You also have like 30 days to complete all of the objectives. If this guide was helpful then let us know in the comments section down below.

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