FIFA 22 How to Easily get to Rank 2 and above in FUT Champions without trying hard | Best Method

Have you always performed badly in FUT Champs? Well, this guide is not about me telling you to improve your game- do this, do that, use this formation or these tactics. This is a secret way you can easily get more wins in FUT Champs without even trying so hard.

FIFA 22 How to Easily get to Rank 2 and above in FUT Champions without trying hard | Best Method

Okay, for years FUT Champs had been the most competitive event for all FIFA Titles. We FIFA players would probably cancel our weekend plans just so we can play FUT Champs. It is annoying, frustrating, and stressful but somehow there is this addiction we have to it that we just cannot let go of. We try out all the new tactics and game plans and whatnot just to get a few extra wins for better rewards.

FUT Champions 22 is quite different from the ones we had over the years. Now we have like 20 games and we have a point system. Yes, no longer the old wins system. Even if you lose you get points. Guess what, most of us would have finished all 20 games just to get to a rank. This is what makes the difference.

Get to Rank 2 or Higher in FUT Champs using this Easy Method :

The FIFA community is said to be the most toxic there is. However Friendlies last year proved it wrong when people helped each other in getting the objectives done. This year’s things are even better. Yes, there is still dudes who would throw the “get good or quit” slogan at your face but there are people who actually help you out.

What if I say you do not have to work so hard to get to Rank 2 or Rank 1 in FUT Champs this year? You must be thinking how is that even possible? You could probably be a Division 8 player and still get to Rank 2 using this method. So how do we do it?

Getting super good in FIFA takes time. You have to invest a lot of your energy into it. Probably keep playing the game the whole day. Sadly, some people cannot do that. They have to work and they get only the weekend to enjoy their favorite football game and get thrashed in FUT Champs by pro players. They end up raging, breaking controllers, and ruining their perfect weekend. Let me tell you, all these go away this year. Remember when I told you that most people have to finish their 20 games just to secure a rank? Yes, we are actually going to take advantage of this.

Every Loss gives u 1 point and a win gives you 4. Let’s say a guy needs 2 points to secure Rank 2 and he has 2 games left. That is basically easy for him because even if he loses those games he still gets to Rank 2. Now, this is the good part. This guy will probably not sweat on getting a win in those 2 games. He will just score his Own Goal and Forfeit the match giving his opponent the win. This is exactly what everyone else did in the last FUT Champs Qualifiers and Finals.

This is what you need to do – DO NOT play your FUT Champs games on Friday and Saturday. Even if you do play just a few for the sake of it. Leave the majority of your games for Sunday. Sunday eve when most of the other players are done with their games and just need a point or two to secure the next rank they would be giving you free wins.

Friday and Saturday people would be fighting for their life just to win a game. Sunday eve is when the majority are done with their games. They give you those wins just so you can easily get to the next rank. I am not telling you to depend on someone to be nice to you and give you a free win. They give you the free win because they need that point, not because they are nice and they love you.

You can easily grab 3 or 4 free wins which actually means a lot this year. You can even get more. My friend played the game Sunday night and he got 6 free wins. This is exactly how you can easily get higher ranks without even breaking a sweat. Come on, if someone gives me something for free, I am certainly going to take it.

I hope this guide was helpful. Do let us know if this worked for you in the comment section down below. Enjoy the game.

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