FIFA 22 – How to Easily Score Goals and win | Best Trick

Having trouble finishing FIFA 22? Well, I will teach you how to score easily and win matches online in FUT.

FIFA 22 – How to Easily Score Goals and win | Best Trick

The game feels very fluid and smooth this year. The passing is greatly improved. Manual defending is tough at the moment but the new player contains feature is absolutely amazing. Offensively shooting feels a little off. Or I should say the keepers are outstandingly good this year. Literally saves everything. I had to take 10-12 shots on goal just to score 1 until I found out this method of scoring. I started scoring more and more after that and there was no stopping.

How to Score Easily?

Well, regular shots are not reliable, to be honest. If you try to finish as you did back in FIFA 21 you would end up nowhere. So how do we score?

Well, the best way to score this year would be Finesse shots from outside the box. Just imagine how tough the games would be online when your opponent does not even have to break your defense to score. He just needs an angle and that is it. Let me show you how you do it.

  • Press the finish shot button and shoot at the same time.
  • Make sure you direct the ball either up or down
  • Holding the back button on the keyboard or simply aiming at the opposite corner to where you are shooting on the analog would do the trick. For example, if you are attacking left to right and you are shooting from the upper side of the pitch then you would have to point to the bottom left with your controller while you shoot. This makes the angle sharper and increases your chances of scoring
  • Use 2 and a half bars of power. Depending on distance.

As you can see over here in the video, I did not even bother moving toward the keeper. I simply made an angle for myself and finessed it in the top corner. This is literally the best sport to score from. You can pause the video and check out the spot from where I scored.

How to Finish 1 v 1?

As I said, finesse shots are the best from outside the box. What if you get a chance from inside the box? If you are 1 on 1 with the keeper and he is not pushing out. What do you do? A regular shot would just be saved since the keepers could actually fly in this game. Well, I found the most effective way of scoring in 1 on 1 situation.

  • Simply aim at the bottom corner
  • Shoot with minimum power. Probably 1 bar or a little more than 1.

You can see in the video that I used only 1 bar of power to finish that 1 on 1 situation. Normally we would go for a power shot near post or far post like last year but it just doesn’t work that way now.

Well, these are the most effective way of scoring in FIFA 22 at the moment. If this guide was helpful do let us know in the comment section below. Enjoy the game.

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