FIFA 22 – How to enter Group Stage Glory and do RTTK Andre Objectives Quickly | FUT Friendly

Wondering how to get the Objectives for Road To The Knockouts Andre done quickly ? Well you have come to the right place.

FIFA 22 – How to enter Group Stage Glory and do RTTK Andre Objectives Quickly | FUT Friendly

We finally have t a new promo – The Road to the Knockouts where the cards could get a maximum of 2 further upgrades on the current stats on the card, provided their team makes it through the group stage or if the team gets 3 points from their remaining 4 matches.

The cards look absolutely amazing and I wonder how cracked some of them would be after the upgrades. Just like during every new promo we get a free objective card. This time we are getting Benjamin Andre who plays for Lille OSC. This League 1 CDM card looks pretty sick and since he is French he would be very easy to link.

In order to get this card we have to complete a set of objectives under the new FUT Friendly Mode: Group Stage Glory. You need to set up your squad in the right way to actually gain access to this Friendly mode.

How to Gain Access To Group Stage Glory FUT Friendly :

Well, this one is pretty easy. There are a set of requirements that needs to be met :

  • You need to have Exactly 4 leagues in your Squad which includes the bench. Yes, you can have 3 leagues in your starting 11 and 1 in the bench or 2 each. But there should not be more or less than 4 leagues.
  • You can use only 1 loan card or less. Not more than 1

How to Easily do RTTK Andre Objectives :

This is the quickest way to do the RTTK Andre objectives. Remember that all these objectives need to be done under the FUT Friendly: Group Stage Glory. Just follow exactly as I say :

  • Lille Linkup: Assist using French players only in 11 separate matches. If you do 11 assists in one match it will only be counted as 1. So you need 1 in each game at least, for 11 games. Use any two French Strikers in a 442 or any 2 striker formation. Make sure you pass in front of the goal for an easy assist. Also, make sure you have French CMs or CAMs to make it easier.
  • Fine Form: Score a total of 10 Finesse goals with League 1 Uber Eats players or the French League players. You can do this in 1 match. Since Finesse shots are further nerfed now you need to pass in front of the goal and then score a Finesse shot in an empty net. Use Ben Yedder since he is French and from League 1.
  • Attacking Anchor: Assist a Total of 6 goals with CDMs only. You can do this in one match. Now here is what you need to know. The card needs to be a CDM card. You need to have CDM written on the card. Get Ben Yedder or any French Striker. Make him CDM with Position Modifier and then play him striker along with another French player from League 1. Now keep assisting. It will all get counted. You do not have to use a CDM in real life like Kante or anyone for this. Just the card needs to be CDM.
  • Way To Win:  You need to get 9 wins under the Friendly mode Group Sage Glory.

There you go. The easiest way you can get the objectives done for the RTTK Andre card. I hope the guide was helpful. Do let us know in the comment section down below. Enjoy the game.

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