FIFA 22 – How to Enter New Allegiance FUT Friendly for OTW Camavinga Objectives

Want to complete the OTW Camavinga Objectives as quickly as possible?

I will tell you how you can easily complete the OTW Camavinga objectives under the New Allegiance FUT Friendly.

FIFA 22 – How to Enter New Allegiance FUT Friendly for OTW Camavinga Objectives

The Ones To Watch Promo is finally here and we have our first Gameplay Objective. The young French dude moved to Real Madrid this season and his regular gold card looks pretty nice, to be honest. Even though his overall is low at 78 but his stats seem to work very well as a CM or a CDM.

In order to get this amazing free OTW card you need to complete all the objectives in the new FUT Friendly New Allegiance. But to actually enter the New Allegiance Friendly Mode we need to arrange our squad in a particular way meeting all the requirements. Let’s quickly check the requirements for the New Allegiance FUT Friendly.

  • You need to have players from at least 3 different Leagues in your Starting 11. You can have players from more than 3 leagues but not less. Since the Objectives require you to score and assist with La Liga, Premier League, and League 1 players I would recommend making a squad with players from these 3 leagues.
  • You can use only 1 Loan player but not more than that. If you don’t want to use one it’s fine.

How to Quickly do OTW Camavinga Objectives :

Like I said before it will always be better if you build your team with players from La Liga, Premier League, and League 1 since these are the ones required in the objectives.

  • Moves to Madrid: Score using La Liga players in 12 separate matches. No matter how many times you score with La Liga players it will be counted as 1 per match. Try to use La Liga striker for this objective. Win or loss doesn’t matter. You just need to score.
  • A Premier Return: Score a total of 10 goals using Premier League Players. This could be done in 1 match since it is a total of 10 goals you need to score.
  • A Fresh Start in France: Assist 5 goals with crosses only using League 1 players. This is also a total so you can do this in one game. Play a League 1 second striker and when you go through on goal cross the ball to the La Liga or Premier League Striker and score. Use 2 striker formation.
  • Winning Rush: You have to win 9 matches in total.

The best way to do objective cards is to understand what the objectives mean. Over here the first 3 objectives could be done simultaneously making things a lot easier. You can also sub in players from La Liga French League and League 1 and still get the objectives done.

I hope this guide was useful. Do let us know in the comment section down below. Enjoy the game.

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