FIFA 22 – How to Enter RED LINKS to do Rulebreakers Antonio Objectives Quickly | FUT Friendly

Confused about the new FUT Friendly mode Red Links ? No worries, I will explain you exactly what you need to do.

FIFA 22 – How to Enter RED LINKS to do Rulebreakers Antonio Objectives Quickly | FUT Friendly

It’s Friday and we have a brand new promo. A lot of us actually thought that we would be getting the Ultimate Scream promo for Halloween but EA had other plans. Instead, we are given the new Rulebreakers promo. The promo is basically like upgrading certain aspects of a card in exchange for certain others. The players would get a huge boost in certain stats and get downgraded in certain others. For example, the Dembele gold card has poor shooting but the rulebreakers promo upgraded his shooting to 86 and downgraded his pace to 88. It is a very interesting promo and I am looking forward to it.

Like every time we have a free Objective card as well – Rulebreakers Antonio. The card stats on this card especially the shooting looks absolutely cracked. with 90+ in both attack positioning and finishing. The best thing is this card is absolutely free. However, you need to complete a set of objectives to actually earn this card. We are going to discuss how to get these objectives done as quickly as possible

How to get Access to Red Links FUT Friendly Mode :

In order to get the objectives for Antonio Rulebreakers done we need to get access to the new FUT Friendly Mode: Red Links. This model is very different from any other objectives friendly mode I have seen. The requirements are pretty strange and may confuse you. It literally left me wondering how am I going to set up my squad. But, I figured out a way to do that once I understood what exactly they are asking for. Here is how you need to arrange your squad to enter the Red Links FUT Friendly mode :

  • At least players from 6 different leagues in your Starting Lineup. You could have more than 6 leagues but not less than that. And all of them should be in your starting 11. The bench is not included. You cannot have 4 leagues in your starting 11 and 2 in your bench. You need to have a minimum of 6 in your starting 11
  • Players from at least 6 different countries should be there in your Starting Lineup.  You can have more than 6 but not less than that. Bench does not count here.
  • A maximum Team Chemistry of 40. You can have less than 40 but not more. This is pretty weird as I need to actually have less chemistry for my squad. However, I will explain below how to arrange your squad for lesser chemistry.
  • Loan Player should be only 1. Not more not less. Bench included.

Tips on how to arrange your squad :

This is the squad I will be using for the Red Links

  • Make sure you do not have green links with anyone in your squad. You can afford only 1 yellow link.
  • Swap the LM and RM for lesser chemistry
  • Swap the LB and RB for lesser chemistry
  • Use CF as strikers for lesser chemistry

However, once you advance in the Game your team chemistry automatically becomes 100. It is just for the sake of arranging the squad that you need less chemistry for.

How to Easily do Rulebreakers Antonio Objectives :

This is how you can easily do the objectives for Antonio :

  • Friendly Finery:  Score a Finesse goal in 11 separate matches. Win or Loss doesn’t matter. You need to score at least 1 finesse goal in 1 match for it to count. If you score 2 finesse goals it will still be counted as 1. Since Finesse shots are nerfed you may want to pass in front of the keeper to a teammate and then do a finesse shot to an empty goal. This is the best way to get finesse for the time being just for the sake of the objectives.
  • On the Head: Heading is good this year and you can actually score headers from crosses however the best to score would be from corner kicks. Or when you go 1 v1 with the keeper, just cross the ball to another player so that he can head it in.
  • Physical Passer: You need to assist a total of 4 goals with a player having a physicality of 75 or above. Players like Lewandowski, Mbappe, Ronaldo, and Kane, all have 75+ physicality. You can get all these assists in one game too.
  • Go for Glory: You need to win by a margin of 2 goals in 4 separate matches. You need to score 2 goals more than your opponent and win the game. You have to win 4 games this way.

There you go, easiest way to do the objectives is to understand what it means and how you need to do it. Using the right players is very important for completing objectives quickly. I hope this guide was helpful. Do let us know in the comment section below. Enjoy the game.

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