FIFA 22- How to Get Closed Beta Version for FREE

Wondering how to get the Beta Verison of FIFA 22 for Free? Here we are at the right place. Let’s find out how.

FIFA 22- How to Get Closed Beta Version for FREE

Well, EA started rolling out the Closed Beta Codes to users on the 12th of August. The Closed Beta will continue till the 2nd of September. We all are super excited about FIFA 22 and being a part of the Closed Beta testing will be so much fun especially because many of us consider FIFA 21 to be over already. This might come as something new and fresh.

So how do you actually get the code?

  • You have to be a FUT Champs player
  • You have to get 27 wins in at least one FUT Champs competition so far. This guarantees you a code.
  • You have to be lucky

Yes, you can also get the code if you are not an Elite player. You just need to be lucky because EA would also be randomly distributing codes amongst users. So how would you know if you had got the code:

  • In the game go over to Online Settings
  • Check the Email account linked with your EA account
  • Now go to your EA Account Email Preferences 
  • Then check the box for new Email Services and News Emails
  • To opt into Email from EA just check the box under Manage your Email Preferences which says “Yes, email me about EA’s products, news events…”
  • If you get a code you would just have to Redeem it in your console (Xbox or PlayStation)

What do you get?

You get a taste of the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, Career Mode, VOLTA, and Pro Clubs. The download size of the game would be somewhere around 39 GB

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST NOT SHARE any data or content related to FIFA 22 CLOSED BETA on any social platforms. This will lead to a breach in the agreement you have with EA. This also may result in your account getting a permanent ban as well.

I hope this guide was useful. Do let us know in the comment section down below and also share your thoughts about FIFA 22


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