FIFA 22 – How to Quickly do 500 Goals With 85+ Rated Squad

Wondering how you can quickly and easily do 500 goals with an 85+ rated squad? Here is the secret. Let’s check it out.

FIFA 22 – How to Quickly do 500 Goals With 85+ Rated Squad

We all need good packs early on. A Jumbo Rare Players pack is a 100k pack. The best pack you can get and EA is giving this to us for free. All they need in return is some grinding. Scoring 500 goals with an 85 or above-rated squad does not sound easy, does it? Trust me it is a lot easier than you think. I will tell you a trick to quickly complete this objective in less than a day or two.

The Fastest way to do 500 Goals :

Firstly, you need to make sure that you have a squad of 85 rated or more. Anything less than that will not work. Your goals will not count. If you do not have a good enough squad you can still get it up to an 85 rating.

  • You get a lot of loan cards at the beginning of the game. Like an Mbappe loan. Try to use these loan cards on the bench to raise your team’s overall rating.
  • Buy players like Aguero who is 87 rated (7k coins only) and Gerard Moreno 86 rated (5k coins only) and put them on a bench or the starting 11 whichever works for you.

Once you have built a squad rated 85 or more the next thing you need to do is this :

  • Go over to Squad Battles.
  • The Milestone clearly says you need 500 goals. it does not mention whether you have to do it in Rivals or Champs or Squad Battles. Remember it only doesn’t work in Friendlies. Other than that anywhere you score a goal it counts.
  • Reduce the difficulty for Amateur or Beginner
  • Now keep scoring goal after goal.
  • You can literally score 30-40 goals a game and easily get this objective completed in a day.

There you go, the easiest and the fastest way to score 500 goals with a squad rated 85 or above. If this guide was helpful please let us know in the comment section below. Enjoy the game.

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