FIFA 22 – How to TOTS Pablo Sarabia Objectives Fast

This guide will help you complete the new TOTS Pablo Sarabia Objectives easily.

FIFA 22 – How to TOTS Pablo Sarabia Objectives Fast

It is Liga Portugal or Liga NOS Team of the Season today we have got ourselves some excellent cards. If you are trying to run a Liga Portugal squad then this is your day as the players are extremely cheap and you could actually build a great squad out of nothing.

You have the Portuguese links, you have the Spanish and Brazilian links too. Speaking of Spanish links we have the new TOTS Pablo Sarabia card as well. It is a free objective card that you could go ahead and link to your La Liga squads as well.

If you are talking about the stats he looks very nice for a free card. Three of his stat areas go above 90 which is decent and he has a bit of defending to his game too. I would not say he is an ideal CM but you could try him at CAM and see how he works. He has the pace so the wing should work fine for him too.

TOTS Pablo Sarabia Objectives Guide :

Let’s talk about the objectives and how you can easily complete them. Remember that all the objectives could be done in any FUT Mode. This means you could do them in Squad Battles (any difficulty), Division Rivals, and FUT Champions as well. However, Friendlies and Drafts would not count.

Twenty-Goal Haul: You have to score a total of 20 goals in any FUT game mode.

Finishing Touch: You have to score using Spanish players in 12 separate games. This means 1 goal per game and a win or loss does not count. Make sure you have Spanish Strikers or Forwards in your lineup.

League Mix: You have to win a total of 10 games with at least 3 or more Liga Portugal players and 3 or more La Liga Players in your starting 11. It can be more than 3 but not less. You can use Spanish players in Liga Portugal to link with La Liga. Even Brazilian links would work.

Play 15: You have to play a total of 15 games in any FUT game mode.

Liga Portugal Provider: You have to assist a total of 11 goals with Liga Portugal players only.

I would suggest doing the objectives in Squad Battles mode as it would be a lot easier. You would not want to ruin your FUT Champs by playing random players from Liga Portugal unless you have a good squad and you are sure about winning. The same goes for Rivals.

I hope the guide was helpful. Let us know in the comments section below. Also, keep following FPS Index for more FIFA 22 content.

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