FIFA 22 – Icon Swaps 1 Guide | Which Ones to pick ? Best Combos

This article will give you a full guide on Icon Swaps 1. Will help you choose the best combination picks.

FIFA 22 – Icon Swaps 1 Guide | Which Ones to pick? Best Combos

Icon Swaps are finally here. I had been waiting for this since October and it is finally here. Icons Swaps are basically EA’s way of giving you free icons and all you need to do is grind for your life. Complete the objectives they drop and get Icon Swap tokens. Then exchange these tokens for equivalent rewards. The more the number of tokens required better will be the reward. Or is it? Well, let’s find out :

Rewards Tokens Required
25x 81+ Rare Players Pack 2
25x 82+ Rare Players Pack 3
25x 83+ Rare Players Pack 5
Iker Casillas Mid Icon (GK,89) 6
Rio Ferdinand Mid Icon (CB, 88) 7
Base or Mid Icon Pack 8
 Marc Overmars Prime Icon (LM,90) 9
Mid Icon Pack 10
Desailly  Mid Icon (CDM, 88) 11
Del Pierro Base Icon (CF,87) 12
89+ Mid Icon Pack 13
Base or Mid Icon Player Pick out of 2 14
Zambrotta Prime Icon (RB,89) 14
Mid or Prime Icon 16
Base, Mid, or Prime Icon player pick out of 2 17
Rooney Mid Icon (CF, 88) 17

Which Combinations to choose? 

Well, the combination you might choose depends on how much you can grind. Some of us love grinding and will grind every single swap objective. While some will have a specific target and will grind for only that. However, I will be guiding you on how to choose the best combinations :

Let us 1st talk about the packs. I personally do not like packs since I have like the worst pack luck one can ever get. For me, I would keep packs out of the picture. To be honest none of the packs seem worth it. The 89+ mid-icon pack could easily be a scam. There are 62 icons that are 89 rated and above and only a few are worth using. The gamble is big considering the fact that you need 13 tokens for it. Even the player picks do not seem good enough since they are out of 2.

The base mid or prime icon player pick out of 2  is perhaps the worst reward you can choose. Please stay away from this one. Also, the Mid or Prime icon for 16 tokens seems to be too much of a gamble. Why should I get the Mid or Prime Icon pack when I can get a guaranteed Zambrotta Prime for the same number of tokens? Doesn’t really makes sense unless you walk out with a Cruyff or an R9, but what are the odds of that happening?

Best Combos :

Personally, I used to be a huge Del Pierro fan when I was a kid. His card looks sick, to be honest. He has a 5-star weak foot. I remember how meta this card was back in FIFA 21 and I am sure he is going to be another reason for broken controllers yet again. The rare player packs could be extremely useful with TOTY around the corner. Save them for the Team of the Year promo and maybe you can pack one.

Full Grind (16-18 Tokens): 
  • Baby Del Pierro (12 Tokens) + any of the rare player packs (2,3, or 5 tokens) depending on the grind. For a full 17-token pick the best I think would be Del Pierro (12)+ 25* 83+ player pack (7)
  • Ferdinand (7 tokens ) + Mid Icon Pack (10 tokens) for 17 tokens.
  • Ferdinand (7 tokens)+ Overmars (9 tokens) for 16 tokens
  • Mid Rooney only (17 tokens). The Rooney mid-card looks too good.
  • 89+ Mid Icon (13 tokens) + 82+*25 Rare players pack (3 tokens) for 16 total.
  • Zambrotta Prime (14 tokens) + 82+* 25 rare players pack (3 tokens) for a total of 17
  • Desailly Mid (11 tokens) + 83+* 25 rare players pack (5 tokens) for 16.
  • All the rare player packs (10 tokens combined) + Rio Ferdinand mid (7 tokens) for a total of 17.
  • Rio Ferdinand (7 tokens)+ Desailly (11 tokens) for 18 tokens.
  • 89+ Mid Icon (13 tokens) + 83+ *25 rare players pack (5 tokens) for 18 tokens in total.
Moderate Grind (9-15 Tokens) :
  • Del Pierro (12 tokens) + 82+*25 rare players pack (3 tokens) = 15 tokens
  • Desailly (11 tokens)+ 82+*25 rare players pack (3 tokens) = 14 tokens
  • All three rare players pack = 10 tokens combined
  • Mid Icon Pack (10 tokens) + 83+* 25 rare players pack(5 tokens) or any of the rare players pack depending on your grinding = 15 tokens max
  • Overmars (9 tokens) + 83+* 25 rare players pack(5 tokens) = 14 tokens
  • Zambrotta Prime = 14 tokens
  • 89+ Mid Icon Pack = 13 tokens
  • Ferdinand Mid (7 tokens) +Any of the Rare Player Pack depending on the grind = 12 tokens max
  • Base or Mid Icon Pack (8 tokens) + 81+ and 82 + rare players pack * 25 (2+3 tokens) = 13 tokens.

Low Grind (below 9 tokens) :

  • Overmars Prime = 9 tokens
  • Rio Ferdinand Mid = 7 tokens
  • 83+ *25 (5 tokens) + 82+ * 25 (3 tokens) = 8 tokens
  • Base or Mid Icon pack = 8 tokens

There you go, I have given you the best possible combination for Icon Swaps 1. Although I personally do not like Icon packs if your pack luck is good this year go for the Icon pack as I showed you. Or else stick to the guaranteed player rewards.

I hope this guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Thank you.

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