FIFA 22 – Ligue 1 TOTS Challenge 5 SBC Cheapest Solution | Squad

This guide will help you complete the new Ligue 1 TOTS Challenge 5 SBC at the cheapest price.

FIFA 22 – Ligue 1 TOTS Challenge 5 SBC Cheapest Solution | Squad 

We are just a day away from Serie A TOTS and EA has dropped yet another Challenge SBC. This time it will be the Ligue 1 TOTS Challenge 5.

The TOTS Challenges are basically puzzle SBCs which give you nice packs. The puzzle SBCs squads are definitely not the easiest to build but they definitely reward you well.

The amount of coins you spend on these SBCs is actually nothing compared to the pack you get in return. Today I packed 4 TOTS cards and that too from the small packs. So I would definitely recommend everyone to go ahead and do these SBCs every day.

Another reason why you need to complete this SBC is that you are getting a TOTS Swap 2 Token: Covic as a reward. This is the 8th token released by EA so far and if you want to know where the others could be found then keep track on our Token Tracker for TOTS Swaps 2.

Ligue 1 TOTS Challenge 5 SBC Cheapest Method :

I would not only help you out with the cheapest possible squad but also would explain the requirements so that it is easier for you to understand and do it on your own.

  • You need to have at least 1 or more players from France in your squad.
  • You cannot use more than 5 players from the same league.
  • At least 3 or more players should be used from the same club.
  • The Squad Rating should be 75 or above.
  • team Chemistry should be 95 or more.

As I said before, these puzzle SBCs are not the easiest to build. The team chemistry being 95 makes this even more difficult. Take a look at the squad given below.

Here is the lowest-priced squad that you could use for this SBC. Check out the exact price for this Squad below :

PlayStation Xbox PC
5,900 9,550 7,100

The price of the SBC is determined by the lowest market value of the players used in the picture. The fodder price on Xbox is currently very high followed by PC and PlayStation being the cheapest of the three.

The prices of the players may vary. They may change as the market had been nothing but unstable this year. However, at the time of publishing this guide, this was the cheapest squad that you could use.

You could obviously reduce the cost of the SBC further by using the players in your club. However, if you are out of fodder, or if you are getting stuck trying to do the SBC then I would suggest that you go ahead and use the squad I have shown in the picture.

You may have all of them in the club or you may have to buy a few. But it is still better than giving up on players who are worth a lot more than the ones I have used.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, keep following FPS Index for more FIFA 22 related content. and guide.

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