FIFA 22 – Lucas Paqueta Moments SBC Cheapest Solution | FUT SBC Guide

This article will help you complete the Lucas Paqueta Player Moments SBC at the cheapest price.

FIFA 22 – Lucas Paqueta Moments SBC Cheapest Solution | FUT SBC Guide

The Brazilian midfielder from Lyon get yet another special card. Last time it was the player of the month (POTM) for Ligue 1. This time its the Player Moments. Checking out the stats on the card and trust me he looks pretty nice all around. On top of that he is Brazilian and we all know how good the Brazilian links are at the moment.

If you are wondering what could be the cheapest possible solution to this SBC then my friend you have come to the right place. We will discuss the price of this SBC and how you could complete it in the cheapest possible way

SBC Price :

To be honest the SBC is a little overpriced at the moment. This is how the price looks for the different platforms.

  • PlayStation: 225k
  • Xbox: 228k
  • PC: 230k

The SBC is the cheapest on the PlayStation at the moment. However, the difference is not much compared to the other platforms.

Cheapest Solution for Player Moments Lucas Paqueta :

The SBC requires you to submit 3 squads, each of which has a different set of requirements. Let’s quickly take a look at the squad and the cheapest teas you could submit for them. I will also explain the requirements so that it is easier for you to understand.

Squad 1 :

Here is the first squad and its requirements :

  • Brazil Players Min: 1 – You have used 1 or more players from Brazil in your squad
  • Team of the Weak Players Min: 1 – At least 1 TOTW player to be used
  • Squad Rating of 84 or above
  • Team Chemistry of 60 or above

This is the cheapest squad that you could submit. The price would be around 41k for the PS, 45 k for the Xbox, and 43 k for the PC. You can copy the squad if you want to.

Squad 2 :

This is the second squad along with its requirements :

  • Ligue 1 Uber Eats Players: Min 1 – This means that you have to use at least 1 French League or Ligue 1 player in the squad
  • Team of the Week Players: Min : 1 – At least 1 or more TOTW player
  • Squad Rating of 85 or more
  • Squad Chemistry of 55 or more.

As you can see my Llorente is a striker which is why the chemistry is low. Llorente would be a CM by default. Also, my Felix is a loan card.  That would bring up the chemistry and it would eventually meet the requirements. This is also the cheapest possible squad. The price would be around 70k for PS, 71 k for the Xbox, and 74 k for the PC.

Squad 3 :

Let’s check out  the requirements for the third and final squad :

  • Team Rating: 86 or higher
  • Team Chemistry: 50 or higher

As you can see, not much is required for this squad. This is the best and the cheapest solution for it. The prices would be 114k for the PS, 112 k for Xbox, and 114 k for the PC.

There you go, the cheapest solution to the Moments Lucas Paqueta SBC. You can lower the price of this SBC by using the fodder in your club. However, if you feel that the players you are submitting on your own are worth more than the ones I have shown then feel free to copy these squads. The prices are verified according to the current market situation. As for the SBC, I believe he is a good card. Although the price for the SBC is a bit high he can help you get those Brazilian links along with the Ligue 1 links too. You can definitely go for this one.

If the guide was helpful please let us know in the comments section down below.

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