FIFA 22 – Moments Dest SBC Cheapest Solution | FUT SBC Guide

If you are looking for the cheapest solution for the new TOTY Flashback Sergino Dest SBC , you have come to the right place. This is where I would provide you with the cheapest solution to that SBC. I would also explain to you the requirements for the SBC making it easier for you to understand and do it on your own.

FIFA 22 – Moments Dest SBC Cheapest Solution | FUT SBC Guide

The American fullback from Barcelona looks amazing on paper. The card would be ridiculously good I tell you. If you are running a La Liga squad or if you have Pique in your squad this is the guy for you. I know a lot of you would be completing this SBC and hence I would help you complete it with the cheapest possible squad.

The Price :

First of all lets consider the price of the SBC . You can obviously reduce the price by using the fodder available at your club. However if you actually consider the price of entire squad requireed it would look like this :

  • PlayStation : 110k
  • Xbox : 113k
  • PC : 119k

As always PlayStation at the moment has the cheaper fodder price followed by Xbox and PC.

Cheapest Method to complete Dest Moments SBC :

Like I said before, I would not only help you with the cheapest possible squads but also explain the requirements so that if you want you could also complete the SBC on your own.

Squad 1 : Tactical Emulation

Here are the requirements for the first squad

  • FC Barcelona Players Min : 1 – This means that you would have to use at least 1 or more players from FC Barcelona in  the squad you are submitting.
  • Team of the Week Players Min : 1 – Same like the last one , you would need 1 or more TOTW players in the squad
  • Team Overall rating of 82 or more
  • Overall Team Chemistry should be 60 or higher
  • Total of 11 players in the squad.

This is the squad that you could use . It is the cheapest squad you can use. However you can make changes according to the fodder in  your club.

Squad 2 : La Liga 

This is what the requirements for the second squad looks like :

  • La Liga Santander players Min : 1 – Yu need to have at lest 1 or more players from any club in the La Liga.
  • Team of the Week Players Min  : 1 – At least 1 or more Team of the week ( TOTW) players should be there in the squad.
  • Team Overall Rating of 85 or more
  • Overall Team Chemistry of 55 or more
  • Total of 11 players should be there in the squad

This would be the cheapest squad you can submit. Feel free to copy this squad or make changes necessary.

The only reason I feel that the SBC is not worth so much is because of the link for this guy. He is American and we know any other good American player in the La Liga with whom you could link him for a perfect green. You would only have to run Barca players for getting a strong link on him. However I personally feel you could also use him as a super sub in the CM position or the Fullback position as well. You can even start him as a CM or CDM. I believe this SBC would be win for all and would recommend you to complete this SBC .

I hope this guide was helpful. Do let us know in the comments section below.

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