FIFA 22 – Moments Ziyech SBC Cheapest Solution | Best FUT SBC Guide

This guide will help you do the Moments Ziyech SBC at the cheapest price.

FIFA 22 – Moments Ziyech SBC Cheapest Solution | Best FUT SBC Guide

We have a Moments SBC today and for the Chelsea fans, it’s Hakim Ziyech.  The gold card was pretty decent and this one looks really good too. Considering the stats I would say his passing looks amazing. However, the 2 star Weak Foot on this guy is such a letdown. Let’s get down to business and discuss how easily we can complete this SBC and at the cheapest price.

SBC Price :

If you ask me this SBC seems to be way too overpriced considering the fact that he did not get a weak foot upgrade. This is how the prices look in different platforms :

  • PlayStation- 175k
  • Xbox- 184k
  • PC- 193k

Cheapest Solution to Hakim Ziyech Moments SBC :

Here is the cheapest solution to this SBC :

Squad 1: Tactical Emulation 

  • Chelsea Players Min: 1 – You need to have 1 or more players from Chelsea in the squad
  • At least 1 TOTW player in the squad
  • Team Overall rating of 85 or more
  • Team Chemistry 75 or more
  • Price : PS – 66k | Xbox – 71k | PC – 73k

This is the cheapest squad you can get at the moment. You can make this cheaper by replacing Werner with Havertz and then changing his CAM position to CF by using a modifier. However, if you do not wish to spend a modifier then do this one.  Banega is the TOTW card that I am using.

Squad 2: Premier League

  • Premier League Players Min: 1 – At least 1 player from the Premier League
  • Team Overall Rating 86 or more
  • Team Chemistry 65 or more
  • Price – PS – 109k | Xbox – 113k | PC – 120k

This is the cheapest solution for this squad. Feel free to copy this squad or make changes as you feel.

The best way to do SBCs would be to make the best use of the fodder available in your club. If you would consider the cheapest solution then go for the squad I have posted here. Or else you can actually reduce the cost of the SBC by a lot if you already own the cards I had put in the squad or if you make use of the fodder in your squad. If you feel the players you are submitting are worth a lot more then copy the squad that you see here.

I hope the guide was helpful. Do let us know in the comment section down below.

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